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Delightfully Cute

Plush Stuffed

Squirrels full of Pizzazz!

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These Wonderfully Soft and Cuddly
Plush Stuffed Squirrels are so Loving
and Delightful to have around the house,
you won't be able to stop playing with them!

Everyone comments on how Adorable these

Plush Stuffed Squirrels Are.

You will Cherish them forever!

6 inches high Plush Stuffed Squirrel

8 inches long Plush Stuffed Squirrel

Plush Stuffed Grey Squirrel (two different ones)

Plush Stuffed Grey Squirrel with acorn

Take your pick from these
plush stuffed Squirrel Toy Animals
or, better yet, get one of each!

These handsome stuffed plush Squirrels
are the perfect gift item to give that outdoors person,
& for children. Wholesome Entertainment for all Ages.

We just can't get over how Adorably Cute they really are!!!

Your Stuffed Plush Squirrel would love to make it's
nest in a cozy place in your home. You can invite
one of these squirrels to live with you by clicking
on the Stuffed Ark banner.

Easy online ordering and Excellent service

- We Value You -

Squirrel Calendars you will Enjoy all Year Long

Some cool stuff about Squirrels

Squirrels store nuts for the winter and bury them so
they will have food for the long cold winter. Some
squirrels hibernate during the winter and will store
their nuts right next to their bed so they can have
some goodies when they wake up during the winter.
A squirrel will find it's buried treasure by using
it's sense of smell.

Squirrels are adorable animals and so much fun to watch,
but they are not liked by everyone. Many people who
put out bird seed to feed the birds are driven crazy
because of squirrels trying to get the bird seed.

Squirrels will do and try almost anything to get into
a bird feeder and a lot of times they are successful
eating the seed that people want for the birds. They
have even been known to chew through wire mesh to get
at the seed.

A funny story that we saw happen as we were sitting on
our porch a squirrel high up in a walnut tree across
the road was trying to open a walnut without much
success. The squirrel tried and tried but couldn't crack
the thick shell. Finally the squirrel threw the walnut
down onto the road below it, then scampered down the
tree to gather it's booty as the walnut had cracked
when it hit the pavement.

Some squirrels are called flying squirrels, although
they really can't fly like birds, they do more of a
glide. The squirrel will stretch out it's legs which
causes folds of skin to expand into a kite like formation
and the squirrel will then glide from tree to tree.
It uses it's tail as a flight guide. Some folks even keep
squirrels as pets

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