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Star Fish

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Feast Your Eyes on these Delightfully Cute and Charming
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The Starfish has become a common name (though a misnomer) to
describe a particular type of echinoderm that looks like a
star. Marine scientists are trying to have the name changed
to "Sea Star" as this is a more accurate name for the
creature. The Starfish isn't a fish at all; in fact it is
more closely related to the Sand Dollar and Sea Urchin.

Starfish are carnivorous invertebrate echinoderms that
comprise two thousand species that live in the world's
oceans. They live anywhere from tropical waters to the very
cold seafloor. They can have five arms or many, depending
upon the species.

The skin of a Starfish is calcified and bony, which helps to
protect them from most of their predators. Starfish are
brightly colored or camouflaged depending upon the species.
This protects them from predators, either as a warning or to
hide themselves.

Starfish are exclusively marine animals and there is no such
thing as a freshwater Starfish. A few species can live in
brackish water but this is the extent of their being able to
live in freshwater environments.

Starfish are famous for being able to regenerate their limbs
after they have been damaged or severed. In some cases a
Starfish can totally regenerate from a single limb. They can
do this because all of their vital organs are in their arms.
But some species can only regenerate if the central disc of
their body is still intact.

Starfish consume their chosen prey outside of their bodies
by expanding their second stomach outside of the body to
surround the prey. They use their suction cupped tube feet
to pry clams or oysters shells apart; then push their
stomach into the shell to consume the creature inside the

The average Starfish can live thirty-five years and can grow
to a little more than nine inches (twenty-three centimeters)
wide. They can weigh up to eleven pounds (five kilograms).
Starfish have no brains or blood. What passes for blood in
the Starfish is actually filtered sea water.

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