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There are six genera with nineteen living species of stork.
Storks tend to prefer warm, dry places and they are found in
most such regions of the world. Storks are mute because they
have no syrinx (the vocal organ of birds) so instead they
communicate through bill clattering when they are together
in the nest.

Storks are large, sturdy birds and have very wide wingspans.
The Marabou Stork and the Andean Condor both have a ten and
a half foot wingspan and both are tied for the widest
wingspan of all living birds.

Storks do migrate when summer turns to fall and when winter
turns to spring. They conserve energy by gliding or soaring
while flying. Of course, soaring requires that there be
thermal air currents. In fact storks inspired Lilienthal's
experimental hang gliders in the late nineteenth century.

Most stork species eat earthworms, fish, frogs and small

Storks are not monogamous and may change mates after
migration or migrate without a mate. They do tend to be more
devoted to one bird than other birds making them serial

Storks build very big nests that they often use for many
years. Some nests have gotten as big as six feet in diameter
and ten feet deep.

The White Stork has become a symbol in western culture of
childbirth. Often in order to avoid the question of where a
baby comes from it was a common tactic by parents to say
that a stork brought the baby.

This came about because Storks are considered to be
harbingers of prosperity and happiness. It could be because
a stork has a habit of making a nest atop chimneys, so it
was easy to imagine a stork delivering a baby down the
chimney. The stork carrying a baby wrapped in white cloth
has become a popular image in children's stories and

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