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The Sturgeon is a name for twenty-six species of fish from
the family Acipenseridae. The family is considered to be the
true Sturgeons. The term is sometimes applied exclusively to
two different species, the Acipenser and the Huso.

Sturgeons are known to be one of the oldest bony fish
families in existence. They are native to sub-arctic,
subtropical and temperate rivers. They are also found in
some lakes and along the coastlines of Eurasia and North

Sturgeons have very long bodies and no scales. They
occasionally reach up to eighteen feet (five and one half
meters) in length. More commonly they can reach seven to
twelve feet (two to three and one half meters) in length.

Sturgeons are bottom feeders and spawn upstream while
feeding in the river deltas and estuaries. While some of the
species referred to as Sturgeon are exclusively freshwater
fish, some can actually leave the river and venture into the
ocean beyond coastal waters.

Many species of Sturgeon are harvested for their roe (eggs).
This is then made into the delicacy known as caviar. Caviar
is what makes the Sturgeon the most valuable of all
harvested fish.

These fish are extremely long lived and most do not reach
maturity until they are twenty years or more old. Sturgeon
can live over one hundred years and have long been
over fished, if not for their meat then for their roe. In
fact they are the longest lived fish known.

The Sturgeon matures and breeds late in life. Because of
this these fish are very vulnerable to exploitation and
other threats including habitat fragmentation and pollution.
Most species are class as vulnerable if not critically

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