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The Swan is from genus Cygnus from the bird family Anatidae.
This family also includes ducks and geese. Swans are closely
related to geese. These from the subfamily Anserinae and form the
tribe Cygnini. There are six to seven species of swan in the
genus Cygnus.

Swans are monogamous birds, although it isn't unheard of for
a 'divorce' to occur between a mated pair. This is more
common after a nesting failure occurs. The average nest has
from three to eight eggs.

The swan is the largest member of the family Anatidae. They
are also some of the largest flying birds and can weigh up
to thirty-three pounds. Adult Swans have a patch of
unfeathered skin between the eyes and bill. The male bird
tends to be heavier and bigger than the female bird.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Swans tend to have white
plumage and in the Southern Hemisphere the plumage tends to
be a mottled black and white. The Australian Black Swan is
all black except for its flight feathers, which are white.
The South American Black-necked Swan of course has a black

Swan's legs are usually a very dark gray in color except for
two species in South America that have pink legs. The bill
of the Swan can come in different varying degrees of colors
from yellow to red to black. The Black-necked Swan and the
Mute Swan both also have a lump at the base of the bill on
the upper mandible.

Swans will eat on either land or water. They are almost
entirely herbivores, preferring leaves, roots, stems and
tubers. Occasionally they will eat aquatic animals.

Swans nest on the ground near a water source and the nest is
about three feet in diameter. Both the male and the female
bird build the nest. The eggs take thirty-four to forty-five
days to hatch and the male helps to incubate the eggs.

Swans have become a universal sign of monogamous love. They
are often depicted in pairs in paintings and books because
of this.

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