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Tamarin Monkeys

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The Tiny but Talented Tamarin Monkey

The Tamarins are a genus of New World monkeys,
members of the same family as the Marmosets, and
are native to South and Central America.
Tamarins range from Costa Rica in southern Central America
to the lowland areas of the Amazon basin and northern

Tamarins are distinctive from other monkeys in several ways,
the most obvious of which is that they are much smaller in
size than most monkeys. Tamarin monkeys as adults are only
from seven to twelve inches tall (eighteen to thirty
centimeters) and weigh from just four to twenty-four ounces
(two hundred and twenty to nine hundred grams).

Another unique characteristic of the Tamarins, and one that
distinguishes them from their cousins the Marmosets, is that
they have long canine teeth: their lower canines are longer
than their incisors. They also tend to be larger and to have
longer limbs than Marmosets.

Tamarins are arboreal, living in the trees of the tropical
rainforests in troops of a few to forty members. Tamarin
monkeys are omnivorous, eating a variety of insects and
invertebrates, small lizards, the occasional bird's egg, and

There are seventeen Tamarin species, ranging in color from
all black through mixtures of brown, black and white. All
the Tamarin species have silky facial hair and many have
large mustaches.

Both Tamarins and Marmosets give birth to non-identical
twins rather than one baby at a time like most monkeys,
possibly to keep up the population numbers since their small
size makes them easier prey for predators such as hawks and
other raptors, cats, and large snakes. Tamarins watch
constantly for enemies and warn each other loudly of danger.

The father monkey watches over the young, taking them to the
mother for nursing time. The babies begin to eat solid foods
at about one month old and are weaned at about three months
old. They are fully adult when they are two years old. In
zoos Tamarins have lived to be eighteen years old.

Most of the types of Tamarin monkeys are endangered due to
habitat loss from the lumbering of the rainforest. Several
species have become quite well known due to the efforts of
various groups to preserve them. The Golden Lion Tamarin is
the symbol of these efforts and is accordingly probably the
most well-known Tamarin species.

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