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The Different Types of Teal

The Teal is from the genus Anas and family Anatidae, which
contains fifteen small ducks. Teals are dabbling ducks
(ducks that feed in shallow water) and are popular game
birds. They are found on six major continents and on many

The most popular Teal is the Holarctic Green-Winged Teal
that grows up to fifteen inches (thirty-eight centimeters)
in length and usually flocks together with many of the same

The smallest Teal is the Blue-Winged Teal that is found in
marshes and ponds in the northern and central United States
and in Canada. It grows to a weight of just thirteen ounces
(three hundred and sixty-nine grams).

In the United States the Cinnamon Teal is also common. It is
a rich reddish colored bird with a blue wing patch.

The Hottentot Teal is from Africa and is naturally very
tame. These Teals will remain in a still pond even when
shots are fired nearby.

The Green-winged Teal is a small duck with an iridescent
green patch on its wings and a white stripe in the front.
They have a yellow tail stripe. The male has a white stripe
on his shoulders and a dark green and reddish colored head.
When the duck is young it looks similar to the adult female
in coloring.

The Green-winged Teal likes to wade in shallow ponds with
lots of plants around. When it is on the seacoasts it
prefers creeks, marshes and mudflats rather than open water.

Originally the Europe and American version of the Green-
winged Teal were considered to be different species. The
difference between the European Green-winged Teal and the
American Green-winged Teal is that the European version
lacks a white shoulder stripe and instead has white
horizontal stripes on its back. The European Green-winged
Teal shows up on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts every now
and again.

Teal mainly eat plant matter and also some animal foods.
Teals are usually seen to take off as a flock and then
suddenly change direction in unison.

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