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Amazing Velociraptor Stuffed Toy Animals that are Incredible!

The Velociraptor is a dinosaur that is believed to have
lived seventy-five million years ago. That was during the
last part of the Cretaceous Period. The fossils of this
dinosaur have been found in Central Asia and Inner and Outer

There are two different species that are considered to be
part of the genus dromaeosaurid theropod, according to
scientific classification. The Velociraptor is smaller than
other dromaeosaurids like the Achillobator and Deinonychus,
but the Velociraptor looked like the dinosaurs mentioned

Scientists believe that the Velociraptor was a bipedal
carnivore with a body about the size of a turkey's, sporting
feathers, a stiff tail, and a long sickle shaped claw on its
hind foot that may have been used to kill prey. The
Velociraptor also differs from other dromaeosaurids because
of its long, low skull and upturned snout.

The Velociraptor is well known because of its featured
appearance in the popular book, "Jurassic Park," by Michael
Crichton, and the hit movie of the same name that was based
on it. Although the portrayal of the "raptor" in the movie
was anatomically inaccurate from reality, the move showed
the raptor without feathers and a size much larger than a

Paleontologists also know the Velociraptor very well because
over a dozen fossil skeletons have been recovered - more
than any other dromaeosaurid. One famous fossil find was of
a Velociraptor fighting a Protoceratops.

An adult Velociraptor measured six foot eight inches long
including the tail, one foot six inches high to the hip and
weighed up to thirty-three pounds. They were very long
compared to their height.

The Velociraptor skull grew up to nine and one eighth inch
long and was unique in that it curved upward and was concave
on the upper surface and convex on the lower surface.

The jaws of the Velociraptor had twenty-six to twenty-eight
wide spaced teeth on each side of the jaw. The back sides of
the teeth were more serrated on the back side of the teeth
than on the front. It is supposed that this made it easier
to catch and hold pray that was fast moving.

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This stuffed Velociraptor web page comes to your compliments of the
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These stuffed plush Velociraptors and other stuffed dinosaurs are
some pretty cool stuffed animals.