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Marvelous and so Exceptionally Handsome are
these Plush Stuffed Vulture toy birds. They will make
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Vultures: Nature's cleanup crew

The Vulture is a scavenger bird that feeds mostly from the
carcasses of dead animals and only occasionally kills very
small animals for itself. Vultures are found all over the
world except for Oceania and Antarctica.

Vultures are known for their bald head and neck that are
completely devoid of feathers. In research biologists have
concluded that the bald head most likely plays an important
role in regulating the bird's temperature as well as in
preventing the bird from picking up disease from its often
putrefying prey.

Vultures spend a lot of time in the air circling a potential
food source. They may group together in the air and circle
and the group is then called a kettle. When a group of
Vultures sits together and watches from a tree or the ground
they are occasionally called a venue. A "Geier" in some
English poetry may refer to a vulture.

There are two different groups of vultures: the New World
Vultures and the Old World Vultures.

The New World Vultures and Condors are found in the
Americas. They like warm temperate areas. Several species of
New World Vultures have a highly developed sense of smell
that is rare for raptor birds. This makes it possible for
them to smell dead carcasses and be able to focus on them as
they soar high in the air.

The Old World Vultures are in Asia, Africa and Europe and
are a part of the family Accipitridae. This family also
contains buzzards, eagles, hawks and kites. The Old World
Vultures find dead carcasses by using sight only.

Vultures have been known to kill sick or wounded animals but
this is very rare and they do not attack healthy animals at
all. They have been seen in great numbers on battlefields
gorging themselves until their crops bulged. They then will
sit and rest or even go half torpid while the food digests.

Vultures do not carry food to their young in their claws as
other raptors do; rather they disgorge it from their crops
into the fledgling's mouths.

In the hotter climates of the world these birds are great
scavengers and actually provide a great service. The toxin
Botulinum that causes Botulism doesn't affect these birds.
They can even eat rotten flesh that has been contaminated by
anthrax and cholera.

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