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Water Buffalo

Toy Animals

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This Stuffed Plush Water Buffalo
will be a Wonderful addition to any stuffed animal collection

Just as Magnificent and Grand as the real life
water buffalos are, are these seemingly Proud and Strong
Plush Stuffed Water Buffalo Toy Animals

Just like they are right out of Africa
and looking for a mud hole to escape the summer heat

If you are a fan of water buffalo, they these
stuffed water buffalo toy animals will turn you on for sure.

These Clever stuffed Water Buffalo will make
pleasing gifts for any child who likes African wildlife.

You've got to admit - they are Totally Unique!

Have some fun in your life with our Stuffed Water Buffalo

There is only one species of Buffalo in Africa,
but two subspecies exist: the larger savanna buffalo
and the smaller forest buffalo. The forest species
is found only in central and West Africa.

African buffalos are very social animals just like
their American cousins, living in large herds of
a few hundred, but in rainy seasons the herd can
grow to thousands.

The African Water Buffalo lives mostly on grass
and it feeds mostly at night times to escape the
heat during the day.

Water buffalos are very un-controllable and seemingly
erratic in their behavior. They have few predators if
any but will attack at what seems the slightest provocation.
Cape buffalos are considered one of Africa's most
dangerous animals even though it is slightly
smaller than the water buffalo. Water buffalos
and cape buffalos have short temper fuses!

Water buffalos live in wet grasslands, swamps and
the dense vegetated river valleys of Africa
where they like to take midday splashes in the mud
which helps to cool them down.

Cape buffalos have horns that arch downward before
turning up into a curl, where the water buffalo has
horns that arch upward immediately into a curl.

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