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Stuffed Toy Zebras

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Our Magnificent Plush Stuffed Zebra Toy Animals are
without a doubt one of the finest stuffed animals that
are available to you.

These plush stuffed Zebras are just as Majestic as
as the real zebra is as it roams the plains of Africa.

Plush Stuffed Zebras are here ready,

willing, and able to make you happier than a

eating a delicious hot fudge Sunday.

No strings attached on the amount of Fun & Pleasure
You'll get from these Snazzy Stuffed Zebras!

These Dazzling stuffed Zebras will make
Really Cool gifts for that special person in your life.....
for children, and for all animal lovers across the continent.

Splendidly SOFT and WARM
they would Cheer up even the heart of Scrooge!

It's the Perfect Time to have FUN
at the Stuffed Ark banner!

Lickity Split Service & Delivery
and they won't cost you an arm and a leg either.

Zebras - the animal kingdom's symbol of grace and freedom

The fastest wild equid is the onager which can run up to 43
miles per hour at short bursts. The onager is from Asia
and it's status is listed as vulnerable.

The largest zebra and also the largest wild equid is Grevy's
zebra which is found only in a tiny area of east Africa. It
grows to 9 feet in length and weighs up to 1,000 pounds. It
is listed as endangered.

Zebras live in social groups called harems which means there
are many mares, their offspring and one stallion. Just as
horses do (see our stuffed horse page) zebras communicate with
a series of whinnying and braying and snorting. Single stallions
live in groups where a lot of fighting goes on to establish
dominance. The dominant male will often challenge a male
from a harem in hopes of taking over their spot as leader
of that harem thus giving it the right to breed the mares.

The Mountain zebra is found only in southwest Africa with
two subspecies, the Cape Mountain zebra and Hartmann's zebra.

Burchell's zebra has he widest territory of the zebras living
along the eastern coast to central Africa. Each of the different
types of zebras have different stripe patterns, but they all
have the same black and white stripes. Some zebras like the
Mountain zebra has a solid white covering under the belly,
others like Burchell's zebra have stripes that go all the
way around the body.

Zebras eat mostly grasses but will eat occasional leaves,
twigs and buds.

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