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Thanksgiving Movies

made for Children


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There are many movies for children that teach about
Thanksgiving and have pets or wild animals as characters in
the film. Children find these characters to be a fun and
lovable addition to stories that otherwise might not hold
their attention long enough for them to learn whatever the
film is teaching.

The story of the origin and purpose of the Thanksgiving
holiday has been told through many mediums and has often
been simplified from the original story to something more
understandable and comfortable for children. For example,
instead of the harsh and deadly conditions that the Pilgrims
actually faced when they journeyed from England to America
and worked to survive in North America, they are treated to
sanitized versions of the tale in which everyone gets along
with help from the Natives American.

One such tale is a movie featuring the character "Charlie
Brown," along with the other popular characters from the
"Peanuts" comic by Charles M. Schulz. This charming and
well-done film has won an Emmy award. The movie shows
Charlie Brown, who is in charge of Thanksgiving dinner,
unexpectedly having everyone from the comic dropping by. The
DVD includes a special called "The Mayflower Voyagers" which
is a dramatization of the voyage the Pilgrims took across
the sea in their ship the Mayflower, and the first
Thanksgiving feast that took place in North America. When
you watch, keep an eye out for Snoopy and Woodstock popping
up and running around in the film.

Another film, "A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving," treats
children to a holiday rendition of Thanksgiving starring the
lovable characters from Winnie the Pooh. Instead of the
classic take on the story of Thanksgiving this film focuses
on the reason behind Thanksgiving that evolved from that
original getting together of the Pilgrims and the Native
Americans. This movie has a collection of holiday stories
with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger setting out to find
the ingredients for winter, Rabbit learning how to make the
Thanksgiving meal, and a new friend drops in for a visit.
And of course the movie has plenty of singing and the
children are encouraged to join in.

The "Mayflower Mouse" is a more serious rendition of the
Thanksgiving tale set back in the time when the Pilgrims
journeyed over from England. It has music and a lovable
mouse character named William, who is a church mouse that is
caught up helping the Pilgrims get to America and keeping
relations going well between the Pilgrims and the Native
Americans. This was originally a Golden Book children's
story and was adapted to film. It is by far one of the most
accurate films for children about the original Thanksgiving.

A film of another favorite comic character, "Garfield,"
includes a collection of holiday tales starting with
Halloween and ending with Christmas. Garfield is known for
his lazy, lovable antics in the comics, and the Thanksgiving
tale on the DVD is more comic than educational for children.
Garfield's owner John has a date with his long standing love
interest "Liz the Veterinarian" who comes over for
Thanksgiving dinner, while Garfield prepares himself by
putting up with a diet to get ready for the Thanksgiving

"Hoboken Chicken Emergency" is a charming older tale about a
boy named Arthur who is sent to fetch the Thanksgiving
Turkey for his parents Mr. and Mrs. Bobowicz. Instead of a
turkey Arthur brings home a two hundred sixty-six pound live
chicken called Henrietta. This is not a cartoon but rather a
story played by real people and is more of a comedy about
the things that can and do go wrong on the holidays.

There are other children's Thanksgiving movies but none more
popular than the movies mentioned above. "The Mayflower
Mouse" is a great movie for people who want their children
to have a story more about Thanksgiving and its history
rather than a cute tale of sharing and friendship. Whereas
if you just want to entertain your children with fun antics
of the more popular comic characters, Garfield or Winnie the
Pooh Thanksgiving movies are more to your taste. Either way
all of these movies have the central theme of giving and
sharing throughout them and are a good way to keep your
children entertained, especially with our favorite animal
characters running throughout them dancing and singing.

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