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Tibetan Terriers

the Holy Dogs of Tibet

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Not Just any Food will do for the Tibetan Terrier!
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

Looking almost like a sheepdog, the Tibetan Terrier
has so much hair you can't find they eyes! Still they
are a really cute dog.

An alternative high quality food is a must, with
added vegetable enzymes and brewer's yeast and
garlic as his favorite treats.

Grooming is as necessary for the Tibetan Terrier dog
as love and exercise.

The Highest Quality Dog Food for your Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier's Love these Delicious Treats

Picture of Tibetan Terrier Dog

The Tibetan Terrier Dog Breed

Despite the name, Tibetan Terriers are not terriers; they
were actually bred as companion dogs and worked as alarm or
watch dogs and herders in the Himalayas of Tibet where they
originated. In their native land they are called Tsang Apsos
or Holy Dogs, the terrier part of the name came only from
the British habit of calling all dogs of their size terriers.

In Tibet these dogs, because of their intelligence and
excellent personalities, were nicknamed "The Little People"
and treated like children by the monks of the monasteries
and the farmers whose farms they watched.

Tsang Apsos were considered so valuable that the only way to
own one was to receive it as a gift. To own such a dog was
believed to be good luck and they were never sold. The first
Tibetan Terrier taken to Europe, in fact, was received by a
doctor as a gift of thanks for saving a life.

Tibetan Terriers are sturdily built, medium-sized dogs with
a black button nose, dark eyes and an eager and humorous
expression. A unique characteristic of this breed are the
large, flat, well-furred feet that act like snowshoes in the

Colors of the fine, long, wavy or straight haired coat may
be black, brindle, white, silver, gold, and combinations of
these colors. The coat covers everything on the Tibetan,
even falling over the eyes. The undercoat is soft and woolly
and the outer coat is long but doesn't touch the ground. The
tail is well furred and carried over the back as in other
Oriental breeds.

Adult Tibetan Terriers stand fourteen to seventeen inches
(thirty-six to forty-three centimeters) tall at the shoulder
and weigh from nineteen to thirty pounds (eight and one half
to thirteen and one half kilograms).

A Tibetan is fairly inactive indoors and will do fine as a
house or apartment dog if it gets a daily "pack walk" with
the master and regular exercise such as chasing a ball or
running in a safe area.

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A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He
will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it.
- Helen Thomson -

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