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Tweety Bird

the most famous

Canary of all

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Tweety Bird: the little canary who thought he saw a puddy tat

Tweety Bird, a delightful animated yellow canary, like his now
famous co-star Sylvester had separate successful careers in animation.
Then they were brought together in Tweetie Pie (1947).

Tweety made his first animation appearance in "A Tale of Two
Kitties" (1942), with Babbit and Catstello, two cats animated
after the famous comedy team of Abbott and Costello.

The teaming of Tweety and Sylvester was such a success they were
featured in 39 cartoons between 1947 and1964, acquiring two Academy
Awards for "Tweetie Pie" and Birds Anonymous" (1957)
and three Oscar Nominations.

Granny, Tweety's owner was seen in many of Tweety's films, a sweet
grandma who is as nice and sweet as can be, until Sylvester comes
around to eat her little Tweety in which Tweety is heard to exclaim
his famous line, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I did, I did see a puddy tat!"

Is Tweety Bird a male or female?

In "Bad Ol' Putty Tat" (1949), Sylvester manages to
temporarily lure Tweety with a fake female canary (actually, one
of his fingers with a hat and painted-on eyes)

Also Granny always addresses her pets (Sylvester, Hector and Tweety)
as boys.

Male canaries sing; female canaries do not. Assuming Tweety to
be a canary, the fact that he sings is a pretty good indication
that he's male.

We also believe Tweety Bird is an American Singer Canary.

Famous Sayings of Tweety Bird

Help! Help! Somebody save me! Heeeelp!
Well whatta ya know, I've got an admirer
Bad old putty cat
I did, I did taw a putty cat

Uh uh, that putty cat after me again
Bad old putty cat
Ah, the poor putty cat fall down
I did! I did taw a putty cat!

I wonder what that putty cat up to now
What's this? A letter for me?
I tawt I taw a putty cat
Oh goody goody! A surprise for me

Oh hello putty cat. What's you doin' up there?
You're so clever you really should have been a fox
Mr. putty cat.
Ha ha ha ha, now that putty cat thinks he's Buck Rogers

Oh my poor little cwanium
I thought I saw a puddy tat. I thought I saw another
puddy tat. Hey, I'm surrounded by puddy tats.
We gotta do more scratching? OK, I'll scratch

Hello, puddy tat
That puddy tat sure doesn't get discouraged
Whatsamatter? Something going on behind my back?
You bad old puddy tat

Oh come now, it can't be that bad
Oh, poor puddy tat. We have to find you something to
eat. Let's see, what do puddy tat's like to eat?
Oooh, I tot I taw a peeping tom cat

A black puddy tat - red nose, white chest. Name -
This is the city. 3 million people, 300,000 cats.
I'm a bird, I live in a cage. My name - Tweety

Oooh, what a hypotwit.
How many times do we have to tell you not to put
things in your mouth? Especially me
That a puppy dog, give him another hit in the head.
And another. And another. And another

Hello, Pet Shop? Have you got any more puddy tats?
I'm all fresh out

Colorado seemed like the place that bad
puddy tat couldn't find me. But, I was wrong

Ooh, that bad old puddy had an accident. I better
scram before he comes to
Bombs away!
I tot I taw a itty-bitty puddy tat

Ooh, I lost my little tail feathers
And my, what BIG teeth you've got.
That putty tat never gonna find me here.

Sinatra Canary
(A minor Looney Bird)

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