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You may have run into this problem if you own a cat: You buy
cat litter for your pet and your pet uses, it but then a
powerful urine smell starts emanating from your cat litter
box after a short while, well before you thought you were
supposed to have to clean it. You bought litter that was
supposed to control odor or you even bought the clumping
stuff to scoop out the offending urine as soon as it was
deposited. But the odor remains and is more offensive as
time goes by.

Proper cleaning of your cat litter and box can dramatically
cut down on urine smell, but sometimes, especially if you
have male un-neutered cats, they will start spraying.
Spraying is essentially a type of urine that is laced with
pheromones and hormones from the male cat and smells
dramatically worse than plain urine alone.

If you have a male cat that you don't intend to breed you
should neuter the cat, otherwise it is very possible you
will eventually lose your pet to a female cat in heat miles
away. A male cat can smell a female cat in heat miles away
and they will do anything to get to her keep that in mind.
Un-neutered male cats are also more prone to expensive to
treat and potentially fatal urinary tract diseases.

Another common cause of excessive litter box odor is that
people do not properly disinfect their litter boxes after
cleaning them, thinking they are clean once the used litter
is removed. Wrong. Plastics especially absorb odors and
liquids over time and will eventually themselves stink of
urine if you do not disinfect properly with antibacterial
soap and hot water or a bottle of natural antibacterial
spray cleaner every time you change your cat litter.

There are also some commercially available cat litter
additives that are supposed to help suppress the odor.


Using carpet deodorizer or a regular deodorizer in your cats
litter box can kill the cat. There are some very unsafe
chemicals in commercial deodorizers that are not pet safe
and that can kill your cat if they are inhaled over time.

Baking soda is a safe way to eliminate odor in your cat
litter box. It is nontoxic and will absorb odors as
effectively as a deodorizer. Empty one box of baking soda in
your cat's litter box each time you change the cat litter.
Cats don't mind it and it doesn't offend them like a
deodorizer might.

You also might try changing your cat litter to some other
cat litter brand that controls odor better. You should
experiment and see what works best for your cat. Many people
buy cat litter based on price without thinking about the
fact that the more expensive clumping litter would be just
as cheap in the long run, because it controls odor better
and you only have to change it once a month in comparison to
every week as is needed with most other cat litters.

If you still have a problem with cat urine smell you may
want to consider changing the location of your litter box,
moving it someplace with better air circulation. Any waste
will begin to smell if it is locked in a cupboard too long.
Take it outside and let it breath for a while and see if
that doesn't help. And clean the cat box cupboard with
natural antibacterial spray cleaner. Urine contains ammonia
and ammonia after time if exposed to oxygen will lose its

Also if you are using an open litter box try putting a lid
on it to see if that doesn't help the litter smell. Look for
one of the lids that hold a filter, they really do help. The
odor will permeate the house over time if it is not properly
dealt with. Some say that putting a lid on your cat box
helps to at least keep the odor in one place.

Again, remember to never use anything that isn't labeled pet
safe or natural on your cat's possessions. Cats are
hypersensitive to some chemicals and you could end up
killing your cat just to get rid of its odor. Always keep
you pet first in mind and if you've tried the above and
nothing helps take your cat to the veterinarian. It could be
as simple as your cat having a bladder infection or some
other sickness that needs curing. Good luck and long and
happy life with your pet.

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