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How to:

Use Clicker Training

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Clicker training can be a great way to get desired behaviors
out of your dog or puppy. Your dog becomes trained to
respond to that little clicking noise. Then it and knows what it
means when you use it.

You can pick up a clicker either online or at a pet supply
store locally. They are small plastic boxes that have a thin
metal sheet that you press down with your thumb to make a
clicking sound. They are very inexpensive and a fairly
readily available item in pet stores or training clinics.

Your clicker should be small enough to fit in your pocket
easily and be carried with you. Many dog owners who use
clicker training buy clickers that fasten to their key
chains so that they always have one with them. You should
also keep an assortment of small sized treats on hand, they
will also be necessary as you start using clicker training.

If possible, begin Clicker training with a command word that
your dog already knows. When you are first using a clicker
you need to focus on the dog's understanding the
significance of the clicker, not necessarily its learning a
new trick. If your dog doesn't yet know any commands, just
pick something simple to get started with, such as "Sit."

Hold the treat in your hand so the dog notices it. Once you
have the dog's attention speak a command it already knows or
move the dog bodily into the position you are training for,
and when the dog performs properly, click the clicker and
immediately give the dog the treat.

Once your dog has learned to associate the click with the
treat, which will from one to many times depending on the
dog, it is time to start varying the treat. You should
sometimes wait a little longer but still give the treat, or
other times replace the treat with affection such as a belly
rub. Eventually some clicks should not receive a treat at

Once you have completed these steps your dog will
successfully associate the click with your approval of
certain behaviors. You can now use the clicker as a tool in
all sorts of other training for your dog.

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