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The use of electronic dog training collars is a hot topic in the
dog world and people have strong opinions about them. There are
clearly pros and cons with using electronic dog collars and
you will have to consider both side when deciding if this
technique is right for you and your dog.

If a dog is wearing an electronic collar, the dog receives a
light shock every time you hit a button on the remote
control that goes with it. One of the reasons this method is
sometimes considered controversial is because it relies on
negative training, which some dog owners and trainers
believe to be unnecessarily cruel and others simply consider
not as productive as positive reinforcement.

But one of the most positive advantages of training with
electronic dog collars is that they are in fact very
effective. They can be used for both off leash training and
command training, and a dog will learn quickly exactly what
is expected of it and that disobedience has uncomfortable
consequences. Such strong and fast training can be
invaluable for stopping dangerous behaviors or when training
particularly uncooperative dogs.

Another positive aspect of the electronic dog collar is that
it can make off leash training by one person much easier.
The use of one can eliminate the need to have someone aid
you in training exercises when your dog is off leash.

The electronic dog collar has some negatives as well. The
first and most commonly proposed by non-supporters is that
you do have to give your dog an electronic shock, which is
negative reinforcement no matter how light it may be.
Electronic dog collars are proven to be safe but for some
people the idea of using them just seems wrong.

Another drawback is that they can be very pricey. An
electronic dog collar is a very sophisticated piece of
equipment and costs accordingly.

The reality is that there is no clear good or bad decision
here. Whether you decide that electronic dog collars are a
good idea for you and your dog or that they are not really
comes down to more of a personal choice. If you do plan to
use this technique make sure you understand everything about
them and their proper use before you start. Get the advice
of your veterinarian and/or a trusted dog trainer.
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