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The bird like

dinosaur that walked

on it's legs: Utahraptor

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Utahraptor: means the robber from Utah

Utahraptor was a bird like dinosaur that was fast-moving, agile
and walked on two legs. Set in it's large head were
serrated teeth. The utahraptor had very powerful jaws
which enabled the dinosaur to inflict some painful
damage on it's opponents by tearing flesh easily.

Utahraptor's second toe had a 9-15 inch retractible,
sickle-shaped claw; the other toes had smaller
claws. Utahraptor was twice as large as Deinonychus
and about 3 to 4 times as large as a velociraptor.

The velociraptors shown in the movie, Jurassic Park,
were much more similar to the Utahraptor, than to a
real velociraptor.


Its long tail had bony rods running along the spine giving
it rigidity; the tail was used for balance and fast turning
ability. It had a relatively large brain and large, keen, eyes.
Utahraptor was 16-23 feet long and may have weighed about 1 ton.

Utahraptor lived in the early Cretaceous period, about 125
million years ago.

It's name means robber from Utah.

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