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Primary Treatments

when Dogs have

Von Willebrand's Disease

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Von Willebrand's Treatments for your dog
By: Tippy and Turbo

The primary treatment for Von Willebrand's Disease in Dogs
is a transfusion of blood or blood products transfusion,
either before and during surgery or immediately after an injury.

There is no cure for Von Willebrand's Disease but if your
dog is vulnerable or if the disorder has been diagnosed by
your veterinarian, there are some precautions that you can

* Avoid giving your dog drugs that can cause or increase
bleeding, such as antihistamines, sulfa drugs, penicillin
derived antibiotics, or tranquilizers.

* Try to minimize injury to your dog.

* Ask your veterinarian to investigate whether there have
been any recent finds in treating this disease.

* Some people who have another dog that does not have the
disease have had the healthy dog treated with a drug called
DDAVP that increases the necessary protein in their blood.
Then a stockpile of the healthy dog's blood is kept by the
veterinarian in case the afflicted dog is injured or must
have surgery and may need a transfusion.

Von Willebrand's disease can be inherited in two ways. In
the less common inheritance, many of the affected puppies
die before birth, and the ones that survive are carriers
with no symptoms. In the more common inheritance some of the
affected dogs may have a bleeding problem only after surgery
or injections, others may have frequent bleeds from the
mouth and nose.

Many dogs with Von Willebrand's Disease live long and happy
lives and never have any symptoms, and even dogs that do
show symptoms, with care, can live longer.

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