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Welsh Terriers

wiry in Coat

& Personality

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Follow these Helpful Tips to make
your Welsh Terrier Dog a Good Pet

By: Tippy

Welsh Terriers are the epitome of the terrier breed. They
are intelligent, energetic, cheerful, affectionate, funny,
brave and sturdy dogs, with a medium-sized compact body and
a tan body with a black or grizzle saddle.

Be sure to socialize your Welsh Terrier puppy well, to
strangers, other dogs, and to cats and other small animals,
or you may have big problems later as the untrained terrier
nature asserts itself. Remember that this breed was created
and bred to run with the hounds and chase foxes, otters and
badgers and the like from their dens.

Welsh Terriers that aren't socialized or secure may be timid
with strange humans, very aggressive with other dogs, and
prone to chase and even kill small animals. But if you are a
calm and assertive leader and spend time daily walking,
playing with and training your Welsh Terrier, you will have
a charming companion that will play all day with the
children and guard your home at night. Be sure to crate
train your dog
if you might ever have to leave it alone.

Welsh Terriers also enjoy the water and love to play. They
are very positive and happy dogs that thrive as members of a
family. But they still have the terrier instincts, and
digging and climbing over fences are included in those
instincts, as is the instinct to chase. Be sure to keep your
dog in places that are safe for it.

The wiry coat with its soft, insulating undercoat will need
to be brushed every few days and stripped or plucked about
four times per year. Some owners of pet Welsh Terriers don't
have the time or knowledge to properly strip their dog's
coat and so use electric clippers instead, but many owners
think the coat doesn't look right when a Welshie is clipped.
Do what works for you with your pet Welsh Terrier. If you
plan to show the dog, however, you will need to have the
coat plucked rather than clipped.

The coat is all weather and insulates against both cold and
heat, thanks to the natural oils, so don't give your dog a
bath unless it is really necessary.

Watch for skin problems such as flea and other allergies,
but Welsh Terriers are usually healthy dogs. One problem
that the breed is vulnerable to, however, is a genetic
disorder that leads to a dislocation of the lens of the eye
which can then lead to blindness.

Welsh Terrier

My Advice for a few extra Health Care Tips for Welsh Terriers
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Welsh Terrier breed is known for his sturdy, compact,
rugged looking body with a wired coat.

High quality protein food and exercise are
essential for muscle development.

Here's what I consider the Best Food for your Welsh Terrier

His dense coat requires frequent brushing so
that the oils from the skin can be distributed through
the hair.

Since he can be a little too spirited at times, 
portion controlled free feeding is a must, and a
natural anti anxiety supplement from time to time
can be a relief.

Natural & Safe Dog Relaxant for Welsh Terriers

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