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Wheaten Terriers

High Maintenance but

Totally Worth the Effort

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Wheaten Terriers need Excellent Dog Food and Care
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

The Wheaten Terrier is a smart, affectionate, gentle
watchdog who thinks he owns you! Many people consider dogs
like the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier to be too high
maintenance, because of the care needed to keep the silky,
flowing coat in order. But if you know a Wheaten you know
that the effort is well rewarded because these dogs are so
beautiful and have such winning personalities.

Whether wire or soft coated, he should be fed a professional
alternative dry food, left down all day. The good quality
protein and high fat will help keep either type of coat in
good condition, and nibbling during the day should
help keep energy levels calmer.

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Brewer's yeast and garlic are wonderful skin and
coat treats.

Allergies can be a real problem in this breed, so early weaning
is not recommended, and altering the diet every 3 to 5 months,
changing slowly, with acidophilus supplementation may be helpful.

Bee pollen will help keep the immune system in check, and try
to stay away from highly allergenic foods like: corn, milk, soy
and eggs.

Since this breed suffers from intestinal and kidney disease,
any abnormality in stool or urine should be brought to the
attention of a veterinarian immediately. Don't assume loose
stool is due to poor eating habits.

Wholesome Treats for Wheaten Terriers

Wheaten Terrier Dog

More Helpful Hints on Caring for a Wheaten Terrier

The number one criterion in caring for your Wheaten Terrier
breed properly is to care for its coat daily, or at least three
times per week if the dog doesn't romp on grass. Don't use a
brush but a medium comb. Brushing may make the coat fuzzy
rather than making it flow naturally.

Start grooming when the puppy is very young and handle the
dog gently and affectionately when you are bathing or
grooming it and the grooming sessions will come to be
anticipated bonding times for your dog and you rather than

You will probably want to do the occasional coat trim (or
have your groomer do it) to keep the dog looking neat.
Wheaten Terriers don't have fall and spring shedding periods
but shed lightly year round so combing the loose hair and
undercoat out will keep shed hair on your floors and
furniture to a very low amount.

Other grooming needs are the same for all dogs, the teeth
should be cleaned, the nails trimmed, and the ears checked
for any signs of trouble. Daily walks should also be
considered part of good dog care, as dog's instinctively
need a daily walk-out with their "pack" to maintain
emotional equilibrium and physical health.

Training a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier can be a joy, they
are extremely intelligent and people-oriented and
responsible, reward based training should bring good
results. Remember though that this breed is very sensitive
to you and harsh treatment or words will confuse the dog and
if continued may damage its personality.

Health wise the Wheaten has few problems. They are prone to
be allergic to fleas and some lines carry PLE and PLN
(protein wasting disease).

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