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When to Begin Training my new Puppy?

If you have brought home a new puppy recently you are
probably wondering when you should start training with your
new friend. Puppies can begin to learn at any age, although
you will probably want to hold off command training until
after your puppy is six to eight weeks old.

That six to eight week mark is the most ideal time to
commence organized lessons. Around this age the dog's brain
is capable of remembering and processing training commands.
Just keep the lessons short and fun for the pup and as long
as you don't overtire him or her you should be amazed at how
well your dog learns.

The reality is that your puppy starts to learn the first he
comes into your home. First he learns his name, then where
his food is located and then you teach him where you want
him to relieve himself. Once you have made it through these
basics you can start basic command and obedience training.

Keep in mind that while early puppy hood is the perfect age
to begin to learn good behavior, a young pup also has a very
short attention span. So start with short concise puppy training
sessions and work your way up to longer sessions over time.

Another consideration is that the most critical time for
socialization of your dog is between seven weeks and sixteen
weeks, and it is often possible to combine training and
socialization in these short training periods.

What your dog learns during this time period has a big
effect on the type of companion it will be for the rest of
its life. So it is a good idea to get started as quickly as
possible while your dog is most likely to catch on quickly,
and to make the best use of your pup's eager learning time.

Although training is definitely an ongoing process and pets
can easily be trained after sixteen weeks, usually by this
age behavioral problems that have started may very well
continue. If you can get through all the basic obedience
training and socialization before 16 weeks it will be easier
to train your dog.

The basic commands that most people start with are “sit down
“down,” “heel” and “lay down.” Another core training you
should get started on as soon as possible is puppy leash training.
Making sure your dog can safely walk on a leash is a very
important part of training. With a little patience and
effort most pups can be well-trained pals by the time they
are just a few months old.

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