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Wind in the

Willows Christmas


The Wind in the Willows Christmas

The Wind in the Willows is a classic children's tale with
animal characters. It was written in 1908 by Kenneth Grahame
and has become a popular story all over the world, and has
been republished many times over the century it has been in
print. It has four main characters that are anthropomorphic
(animals with human characteristics).

Mole is a homebody that is very mild-mannered. He loves the
countryside and Mole End where he lives. Although a bit
overwhelmed when he first moves there, he eventually settles
down into the riverside community.

Ratty is a friendly citizen of the riverside and helps Mole
settle into the community. He is laid back and helps
everyone he can.

Mr. Toad is a friendly but rich and conceited toad that
lives in his family manor named Toad Hall. He is prone to
obsessive compulsive tendencies which express themselves by
his going after the newest thing until he gets bored and
drops it. This bad habit gets him into trouble that nearly
loses him Toad Hall and endangers his life and that of his
friends several times.

Mr. Badger is a no nonsense character that keeps everyone
else in line. He is often being driven crazy by Mr. Toad's
obsessive tendencies and tries often to control things for
Mr. Toad's own good. He is brave and courageous. He dislikes
society and tries to socialize as little as possible.

The Wind and the Willows Christmas story is from a chapter
in "The Wind and the Willows" called "Dulce Domum". Here
Mole has been living with Ratty for quite some time. Mole
finds his way back to his old home, Mole End, and Ratty
helps Mole transform Mole End into a cheerful place for
Christmas. Some mouse carolers come by and share in the
celebration. It is a touching chapter of warmth and

So, when you are snuggled up with your young one at
Christmas and want to read a good holiday book read this
chapter out of "The Wind and the Willows" entitled "Dulce
Domum" and share with your child this wonderful story of
love and friendship between Mole, Ratty, Mr. Toad and Mr.
Badger in "The Wind and the Willows."

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