Woodstock the Little Peanuts Bird

Everybody needs a friend, even Snoopy. Living in
a nest close to Snoopy's dog house, Woodstock is
Snoopy's closest confidante, friend and sounding board.

Despite the fact that Woodstock speaks entirely in
apostrophes and/or exclamation marks, he still is one
smart bird, using those marks to express a wide range
of emotions and thoughts.....that apparently his
friend Snoopy is able to understand with ease.

Snoopy and Woodstock share a fun life together.
Snoopy often plays practical jokes on Woodstock and
Woodstock has been known to return the favor.

Besides Snoopy as a friend, some of Woodstock's
feathery companions include: Bill, Conrad, Harriet
and Olivier.

Being a bird and tiny, he does get a little insecure around
Thanksgiving and big moving objects. He's the only baseball
player who gets an automatic walk if the ball rolls over him.

No one seems to know what gender or species this small yellow
bird really is, but his flying abilities are not what a
normal bird's should be. Woodstock frequently suffers from
beak-bleeds at high altitudes, and therefore prefers walking
to flying.

When suffering from one of his beak-bleeds, much to Snoopy's
dislike....he takes up residence in Snoopy's red food and
water dish.

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