The Little Dog With The Big Imagination

Snoopy, the world's best-loved dog, once summed it up
this way: I wonder why some of as were born dogs while
others were born people. Is it just pure chance, or
what is it? Somehow, the whole thing doesn't seem very
fair....why should I have been the lucky one?

The comic strip "Peanuts" made its debut on October 2,
1950. Two days later a little black and white beagle
appeared named Snoopy. A little puppy, he was carrying
a flower and happened by a window box of flowers being
watered by Patty, who mistakenly watered Snoopy and his
flower, too.

Snoopy was born at The Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, which was
later turned into a parking lot. He was given his name by the
proprietor of the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, according to
"Snoopy's Reunion".

His first owner was a little girl named Lila, but when Lila
moved to an apartment which didn't allow dogs, she gave
the dog back to Daisy Hill and following an incident on the
playground, Charlie Brown's parents went to the farm and
picked out Snoopy as a companion for Charlie.

While at Daisy Hill, Snoopy also was a Sunday School
teacher and member of the forty-beagle choir.
* See below

In "Snoopy Come Home", Lila was put in a Hospital, Snoopy found
out and went to see her. She moved back and wanted Snoopy
to come live with her again. He almost did but realized that
his home was, now, was with Charlie Brown.

Snoopy was given permanent residence in a red dog house,
supposedly full of hay, and much, much larger on the
inside than Charlie Brown's backyard. Also inside his
doghouse are a pool table, Van Gogh painting, and a television
set. When Snoopy was depressed, he would often stay in
his dog house and listen to his record collection.

Snoopy's birthdate has never really been officially substantiated
(maybe because the records were lost after the Daisy Hill
Puppy Farm was given up), but in the comic strip of
August 28, 1951, Charlie Brown gave Snoopy a birthday cake.
There was a wiener in the middle instead of a candle.

Snoopy's brothers and sisters include:
Andy, Belle, Marbles, Molly, Olaf, Rover, and Spike.
Snoopy's mother's name is Missy.

Spike lives in a desert outside of Needles, CA.,
with his friend Cactus, he always sports a mustache.

Marbles, a spotted Beagle is called "the smart one."

Olaf, aka "Ugly Olaf," is a much fuller-bodied Beagle

Andy is the fuzzy haired one.

Only Spike, Belle, Marbles, Olaf, and Andy ever appeared
in the newspaper strip.

Snoopy is without a doubt, one of the most unique and
loveable dogs ever. He has a very special ability to
hear chocolate chip cookies speaking to him.

Seems like everything Snoopy does, he does big, it
also appears that there isn't much Snoopy hasn't done&
or tried. He is also credited with doing 120 imitations,
including his famous "snake's backwards slither".

* From the Peanuts book, And the Beagles and the
Bunnies Shall Lie Down Together: The Theology in
Peanuts (1984):

Charlie Brown: "Listen to this.. For your edification, I am
reading from the book of Proverbs, sixth chapter, ninth verse...
(opens Bible and shows it to Snoopy) "How long, you loafer,
will you lie there? How long until you rise from your sleep?"

Snoopy: (takes Bible, flips to a different page, then hands it
back) Charlie Brown: Chapter twelve..verse ten.."A good man cares
if his beast is hungry."

Charlie Brown: (in kitchen getting Snoopy's dog food) "I forgot
that he used to teach Sunday School at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm."

In another strip, Lucy notices Snoopy on top of his doghouse,
using a typewriter:

Lucy: "How can you write about theology? You've never even
been in a church!"

Snoopy: (speaking in thought balloons) "Au contraire! When I was
at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, we went to chapel every morning! I
was part of a forty-beagle choir. You've never heard "Rock of Ages"
until you've heard it sung by forty beagles!"

Snoopy Firsts:

First appearance October 4, 1950 

January 5, 1956  Snoopy first walks on two legs

April 12, 1957  Snoopy first appeared on Charlie Brown's
team as an outfielder who couldn't throw

Jan 29, 1959  Snoopy appeared as "Big Man On Campus"

June 19, 1960  Snoopy starts sleeping on his doghouse.

July 12, 1965  Snoopy's first attempt at being an author
The first line he wrote was: "It was a dark and stormy night."

January 01, 1966  Snoopy goes looking for the Red Baron

September 09, 1966  Snoopy's doghouse burns.

April 04, 1967  Snoopy does his “Cheshire Beagle” trick.

April 08, 1968  he made his debut as a professional golfer

March 14, 1969  Snoopy becomes the first Beagle on the Moon

May 18, 1969 Snoopy accompanies astronauts into space
aboard Apollo X

June 11, 1970 he made his first try at playing tennis

May 13, 1974 he first appeared as a Beagle Scout, when Lucy
said, "What kind of scout are you anyway"? Snoopy replied:
"A tenderpaw"!

February 14, 1994 Snoopy is taken to hospital: his brothers Andy,
Spike and Olaf visit him.

May 17, 2001 The 34-cent, First Class WWI Flying Ace Stamp first was released during a special ceremony in Santa Rosa,

If nothing else, Snoopy has a vivid imagination. In the cartoon strip
and on the TV shows, he has appeared as, imagined himself to be, or played the role of:

Skateboard Champion
The Great Philosopher
Foreign Legionnaire (as a Sergeant-Major)
Legal Beagle

World War I Flying Ace
World War II veteran

World Famous hockey player (his first world famous role)
World Famous swimmer
World Famous attorney
World Famous roller derby star
World Famous skier
World Famous Check Out Clerk
World Famous big rig operator
World Famous orthopedic surgeon
World famous surgeon
World famous highway flagman
World Famous county surveyor
World Famous pirate (Blackbeagle)
World Famous agent
World Famous hired hand
World Famous wrist wrestler
World Famous riverboat gambler (Blackjack Snoopy)
World Famous disco dancer
World Famous skating pro
World Famous tennis star
World Famous football coach
World Famous baseball superstar
World Famous roller derby star
World Famous golf pro
World Famous astronaut

A Whirlydog
Human baby
Scuba diver
Tether Ball Champion
Master of Disguise
Bus Driver
The Masked Marvel
Joe Grunge
A diving expert
Joe Bungie
Joe Cool

Supermarket Clerk
The October Beagle
Revolutionary War patriot
Punk Beagle
Master Chef
Go-Cart Motor
A Gargoyle
A Weathervane
Football coach
First Beagle on the Moon
Space station operator
Pavlov's dog

Winter Wonder Dog
Surf Boarder
Side Walk Santa
Snoopy Claus
Secret Agent
Mickey Mouse
Hospital patient
Football referee
Pizza boy
A TV Antenna

Assistant Psychiatrist (for Lucy of course)
Drove the Snoopmobile in a race
Theodore Roosevelt
Hugo The Great
Skating coach
The Great Houndini
Kung Fu fighter
A Prisoner of war
Tap dancer
Pole Vaulter
Captain of the rescue squad

Alaskan sled dog
Saloon piano player
A Zamboni driver
Joe Areobics
Alistar Beagle
Shoeless Joe Beagle
The Cheshire Beagle
Airplane pilot
Portrait painter
Disco Dancer
A Scarecrow
A wounded soldier
The Fearless Leader
School Principle

Baseball manager
The Easter Beagle
The Head Beagle
Captain of the starship Enterprise
A snowflake
A pirate
A streaker
Joe Motocross
Airplane mechanic
A helicopter
A crop-duster
Traffic helicopter
As John McEnroe
As Tracy Austin
As John Newcomb
School honor student

Musical Instruments Snoopy Has Played

Sports Snoopy Has Played In
Track and Field
Ice Hockey
Scuba Diving
Roller Skating
Roller Derby

Animals he has been
Sheep dog
Mountain Lion
Polar Bear
Circus Dog
Prairie Dog
Sea Monster
Bald Eagle

Snoopy, World War I Flying Ace

One of the many imaginary alter egoes of Snoopy. When in his
flying ace mode, Snoopy sits atop the roof of his doghouse
wearing a skull cap, goggles, and a scarf, and clutching
imaginary machine guns. His arch enemy is the Red Baron, whom he
must dogfight every time he goes into the air.

The World War I Flying Ace is an American stationed at an Allied
aerodrome "somewhere in France"—in the book Snoopy and the
Red Baron,he is based near the town of Pont-au-Mousson.
He flies a Sopwith Camel, which more often than
not returns to base riddled with bullets and belching out smoke
from its tail. Before every mission, the Ace eats an English
muffin, which is usually too cold for his tastes.

Other Peanuts characters figure into Snoopy's flying ace fantasy
as well. Woodstock is the Ace's mechanic. After the Ace is shot
down trying to destroy an ammunition train (Linus Van Pelt's
wagon), he attempts to kill a sentry (Charlie Brown) and evade
two machine gunners (Sally Brown and Lucy Van Pelt) on either
side of the barbed wire (their jump rope). And so on.

Snoopy Trivia

The most searched for term on the Internet, concerning animals
is Snoopy, Charlie Brown's faithful companion.

Cartoonist, Charles Shultz, who drew the "Peanuts" comics
strips, modeled Snoopy after his childhood dog name Spike,
a black and white mixed breed.

"Peanuts" made its debut on October 2, 1950--and Snoopy
showed up two days later. A little puppy, he was carrying a
flower and happened by a window box of flowers being
watered by Patty, who mistakenly watered Snoopy and
his flower, too.

Snoopy's only regret in life was that he was not born as a
Golden Retriever.

The lunar module for the 1969 Apollo 10 mission was
named "Snoopy." (The command ship of the mission was called
"Charlie Brown.")

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" has a sequence where
Snoopy gets on his Sopwith Camel (his doghouse), fights the
Red Baron, is shot down behind enemy lines, escapes through
no-man's land, and eventually reappears at Violet's Halloween party.

The movie "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" has a very similar scene
to "Great Pumpkin" of Snoopy imagining he's in a dogfight, but it's
shorter and doesn't have the crawl through No Man's Land.

"He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown" also has an extended World War I
flying ace theme; Snoopy fights the Red Baron in the beginning,
and later imagines he's on leave in Paris, is a prisoner of war,
and throws a grenade.

Joe Cool appeared in these specials:
"You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown" and very briefly in "There's
No Time for Love, Charlie Brown". The Joe Cool theme is also
played in several other specials, usually when Snoopy takes on
another persona (but not necessarily Joe Cool).

He also plays it briefly in the movie "Snoopy Come Home."

In "Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown", Snoopy performs in
the circus under the alias "Hugo the Great."

Charles Shultz on Snoopy:
"I remember my mother saying once that if we ever had another
dog, Snoopy would be a good name for the dog, which is why
Snoopy is called by that name. And he was patterned a little
bit after a dog a had when I was about 13, 14 years old.
His name was Spike, of course. He was kind of a wild dog."

"And Snoopy, when he started off, was just a cute little puppy
and looked a little bit like Spike. But then, as the years went
on, he got up on his hind legs and he began to do all sorts of
strange things including thinking, which I don't think any of the
other dogs in comic strips had ever done up until then." 

". . . I wonder why Snoopy is willing most of the time to simply
lie on the top of that doghouse. Why doesn't he roll off? I
remember a veterinarian telling me once that when birds fall
asleep sitting on a limb of a tree, their brain sends a message
down to their claws telling the claws to stay clamped on the limb
so the bird doesn't fall off and land on his head. So, I justify
this by saying that perhaps it is the same way with Snoopy's
ears. I think when he falls asleep, his ears clamp onto the top
of the doghouse."

ALL PEANUTS CHARACTERS Copyright United Features Syndicate, Inc

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