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Nutrition and Your

Afghan Hound

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Special Nutritional Needs For The Afghan Hound
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

An elegant athlete, the Afghan Hound is a beautiful dog that takes pride
in it's long, flowing, silky coat. A coat that is dull, sparse,
short, or feels like cotton is unacceptable.

A high-quality alternative professional dog food is a must!

(See below for my recommendations)

Brewer's yeast or spirulina can be a plus. Bloat prevention is a good
idea. Vegetable enzymes are a must because they will ensure better
digestion (for bloat prevention) and nutrient delivery to the coat
in the Afghan Hound.

Since well developed muscles, healthy lungs, and a strong heart are
assets during field trials, the addition of L-Carnitine and taurine
rich foods (wheat germ, torula yeast, raw meat) makes good sense for
the Afghan Hound breed.

See also: Bloat Prevention for Afghan Hounds

My Recommendation for a Healthy Natural Premium Dining Experience
for your Afghan Hound

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Natural Healthy Treats For Afghan Hounds

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Afghan Hounds
By: Tippy and Alfred

The very old sight hound dog breed known as the Afghan Hound
is distinguished by its long, silky, fine coat of hair. It
tail has a ring curl at the end as well. These dogs are
adapted for the cold climate where they originated, in

Originally the Afghan hound was used to hunt gazelles by
coursing them and also to hunt hares. Its local name is
Tazhi Spai or Tazi. It is also known as a Balkh Hound,
Baluchi Hound, Barutzy Hound, Galanday Hound, Kabul Hound,
Shalgar Hound and sometimes the African Hound, which is a

The adult Afghan Hound stands at twenty-nine inches
(seventy-three and one half centimeters) in height and
weighs around sixty pounds (twenty-seven kilograms). The
coat can be any color, but white markings are discouraged,
particularly on the head.

Many Afghan Hounds have a black face mask. Some Afghan
hounds sport "mandarins," that is facial hair that looks
like a Manchu moustache. Some Afghan Hounds are almost all
white but parti-color hounds are considered to be impure and
are not acceptable in show.

The short-haired saddle on the back and the long topknot on
a mature Afghan Hound are distinctive in its coat. They also
have a unique small ring on the end of the tail and high
hipbones. The coat of the Afghan Hound requires a
considerable amount of care and grooming.

Most Afghan Hounds display a temperament of cool aloofness
and dignity. But while playing they can be clownish and
happy. The breed has a reputation among dog trainers has
having a slow response to obedience training. In fact the
breed has been described as cat-like when it comes to
obedience and Afghans would rather do their own thing than
obey their master.

The Afghan hound is an independent breed and doesn't do well
with any form of obedience competitions. They do well with
coursing events with a lure, and breed standard shows. Don't
be surprised to find that as a pet this dog will have
trouble with bad behaviors and tendencies. They are
excellent at what they were bred for, to be beautiful
hunting hounds.

Other Names : Tazi, Baluchi Hound 

Country of Origin : Afghanistan 

Lifespan : 12-14 Years

Height Male : 25.5-27.5 Inches

Weight Male : 60 Pounds

Height Female : 23.5-25.5 Inches

Weight Female : 50 Pounds

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