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Training Tips for Shy Dogs

Shyness in a dog can be caused by inheritance, illness, or
by heavy-handed training or abuse or other frightening
events. Some dogs may become shy if they are badly
frightened or not properly socialized during the all-
important period between two to four months old when a puppy
learns to relate to its world.

If a dog is shy, unfamiliar places or people, training
attempts, or even simply being petted by a new owner may
cause the dog to exhibit behaviors ranging from putting back
its ears and tucking in its tail while looking away from the
threat to crouching, urinating, barking in fear, or even
biting ("fear aggression").

If your dog is shy, whatever the cause, it will need your
loving patience and you will need to know how to properly
train it so that its fears may be allayed and it can become
a well-behaved companion. If the shyness isn't dealt with
properly, the dog will be unreliable or even dangerous and
will have little hope of having a decent life with you or
anyone else.

Here are some foundational tips to get you started.

Take the dog to a good veterinarian to make sure that there
are not physical reasons for the dog's shyness such as ear
infection or deafness, vision problems, chronic pain or

There are some good books and online help groups where you
can learn as much as possible about how to train your shy
dog. Learn as much as you can about your individual dog's
breed or breeds as well ...whether the dog is a breed that
was created to work closely with an owner, herding breeds
for example, or to work on its own like guarding or hunting
breeds. That may help you decide on the most important areas
for beginning training.

Get to know your dog. You need to know what frightens your
dog so that you can be sure to communicate calm confidence
at that point. (If you need help in knowing how to be the
leader of a dog, spend some time reading and try to get
advice from a knowledgeable dog trainer. Dogs need a leader
and your dog will gain confidence just from knowing that you
are in charge and that you are calm in the frightening
situation.) Work constantly to build your dog's trust in
you. One time of losing your temper can undo months of work
with a shy dog, use only gentle and positive training

Once you have ruled out physical disorders and gotten to
know your dog, it is time to begin obedience training.
Unless you are already very experienced in obedience
training dogs, look for a class or trainer who has
experienced with shy dogs and with your dog's breed. If
possible find a class, as a good obedience training class
not only will provide advice, help and encouragement to you,
but it will also provide socialization for your dog in a
safe environment. If your dog is from an active breed,
Agility training can also do wonders to increase its self-
confidence. Make all your training positive and fun for the

Desensitization and socialization are the most important
factors in training a shy dog. As your dog's confidence in
itself and in you increases, expose it to the things it is
most afraid of in SMALL steps. Don't pet and comfort the dog
when it is frightened, that communicates that this is a big
issue. Rather, simply act happy and upbeat, and stop the
desensitization before the dog gets too upset. With proper
repeat training your dog will come to treat the formerly
frightening item or event in the same way you, its leader,

There is much more that could be said on this subject, you
might start with a simple web search for something like "how
to train a shy dog." But be encouraged, most shy dogs can
learn to be good, well-behaved, loving family members with
some targeted training.  Please visit the site for more free dog training articles.

Bear isn't a shy dog and would just like for some
buddies to come over and play with him.

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