Our views on the subject of should animals be considered as Property?

Animals in most cases are considered under the law of most
countries to be simply property. Even though this view is
somewhat dated and many people, especially people in the
USA, consider their pets to be part of the family, in the
eyes of the law animals are still property, except under
special circumstances.

Many people today believe is wrong to consider animals as
simply property. If something is private property it implies
that you can do whatever you please with that object,
including abuse it, maim it or destroy it. Even so,
thankfully there are laws put into place for animal
protection that are called the Animal Cruelty Laws. They
differ from state to state and country to country but are
often classified under the same name.

Most people, including the authors, believe that animals are
sentient beings that have their own interests and lives. And
there is more than one reason why animals should no longer
be considered property by the law. One example is in the
cases where a couple wants to arrange visitation for an
animal during a divorce. The judge can invalidate any
visitation rights by either party by declaring the animal
the property of one of them.

Changing the laws that declare pets to be simply property
would allow more laws to protect pets from human cruelty.
There would have to be special provisions for animals
intended for slaughter, of course. But a change in the law
would help to clarify and bring up to date the law to
society's current outlook.

There are also protected species laws and other laws
protecting wild animals from unnecessary cruelty by humans.
It is true that the more human habitation expands the less
land there is, and the less habitat for the animals that
used to reside upon the land. So far there hasn't been an
easy coexistence between wild animals and their new

In a lot of cases animals that no longer have the hunting
grounds and forage areas that they used to are now raiding
peoples homes, gardens and property for sustenance. Animals
can damage property, and a lot of times the animals will be
considered pests and the animals are then killed for trying
to survive.

In the case of predatory animals like wolves they are not
only being shot as nuisance animals but they are also being
hunted down en masse in some places, such as Alaska.
Historically, humans have hunted whole species of animals
out of existence.

There must be a balance struck between animals and humans
that allows both to coexist. However, so far all attempts to
make dramatic changes in public attitudes have not fully
succeeded, and of course even if the majority would agree on
changes in the way we treat animals, there are a few people
who would still break the law and kill.

But legal protection has saved more than one species,
including the national bird of the United States of America,
the Bald Eagle, which has now been taken off of the
Endangers Species list.

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