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Information Library of Dog, Cat, Horse & Pet Law

Air Carrier Access Act
All About Microchipping
American Disabilities Act & Service Animals
Animal Bill of Rights
Animal Bites
Animal Law
Animal Welfare and Animal Rights
Are Animals Considered As Property?

Chapter 54: Transportation, Sale and Handling of Animals
Chicken Fighting
Dog Fighting Laws
Estate Planning For Your Pet Dog or Cat

Federal Animal Welfare Act
Federal Wild Horse & Burro Act
Federal Wildlife Laws
Historical Laws About Cats
Jewish Law and Killing Shelter Animals
Laws About Owning Exotic Animals As Pets

National Spay Day
Pet Food Labeling Law
Pet Food Labeling Requirements
Pet Lemon Laws
Pet Trusts

Renting With Dogs and Cats
Solving Pet Over Population Problems
State Guide Dog Protection Laws
State Laws Against Cruelty to Animals
State Laws For Assistance Animal Access

United States Federal Laws Governing Animals
USDA Animal Welfare Information Center
US Animal Welfare Legislation
U.S. Bald Eagle Protection Act
U.S. Code Prohibiting Animal Fighting
U.S. Code Protection of Pets
U.S. Law on Pet Ownership and Rental Housing
What You Need to Know About Reading Pet Food Labels

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