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I've got a New Puppy!

Now what basic care

should I give it?


Bringing home a Puppy – be prepared!
Susan Daniel and Debbie Overstreet

So you just loved that sweet little puppy that you found in the
pet shop. It will keep you company, and give you kisses, and
guard your valuables. But what do you need to care for the
lovable little thing and ensure it is happy and healthy?

Basic Needs – All puppies will need a water bowl, a food bowl,
and a place to sleep. Some pet owners get automatic feeders and
water dispensers for the convenience. For sleeping, there are
various sized doggie beds and crates. Many people crate train
their dogs for sleeping and while the owner is away from home.

Play Time – Pets need exercise. You should walk your dog once a
day if possible. You will need a collar, a leash, and some
disposable plastic bags to take with you to clean up any
unsightly messes. A good leash to use is the retractable type.
Also included in play time are toys, toys, and more toys. A good
game of fetch is a great way to get exercise.

Health – All new puppies need to be taken to a good vet. They
need shots and heartworm medicine.

Training – A good way to train your dog is to get a good book on
the subject. Also needed are small treats that you can keep in a
pocket while training. Dogs live for treats!

A puppy can be a lot of fun and will give you a tons of love over
time. So be sure to have on hand all the things you’ll need for
your puppy to be happy healthy, and secure in its surroundings.

Copyright © 2005 Susan Daniel and Debbie Overstreet
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