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Here's the Scoop on

Bedlington Terrier

Dietary Needs

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Nutrition and Menu that Bedlington Terriers will Thrive on
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

As cute and resilient as the Bedlington Terrier can look, a
lurking copper storage disease can be lethal. Copper
quantities vary among foods, so the lower the better, but
note that this dog's magnificent sheep like coat requires a
high quality protein and fat food.

Here's a Delicious and Delectable Food and Treat
for your Bedlington Terrier Dog

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(No copper restriction unless your veterinarian
says so...if copper restriction is necessary, have
your vet recommend a food)

See our article on Copper Storage Disease

He is prone to some nervousness; chamomile tea
calms the nerves or an upset stomach.

Bedlington Terrier

More Information on Bedlington Terriers
By: Pet Care Tips

The Bedlington Terrier may look like a lamb, with its wooly
fur, but it has been described as a lamb with the heart of a
lion. Bedlingtons were, like many terriers, bred for rat
hunting, and fierceness was required for their job.

This medium-sized terrier has a curly coat, pear-shaped head
and an arched back. With the traditional coat trim, which
consists of hair left long on the top of the head and
muzzle, tassels on the ears and slightly longer furnishings
on the legs than on the body, it really does look a little
like a sheep.

The head of a Belington Terrier is different from other dogs
in that it has no stop. It descends from the crown in a
straight line to the dog's nose. The eyes are deep set into
the face. Sometimes there will be tan markings over the
eyes. This gives the dog the appearance of having a narrow
face in the shape of a pear.

The dog has straight front legs and an arched back. The legs
terminate into hare-like feet. The tail is pointed and
straight. The Bedlington has a unique gait that is springy,
especially when moving slowly. They are very agile and fast

A Bedlington Terrier that matches the standard has a double
coat that is a thick mixture of soft and harsh hairs. The
coloring comes in blue, liver and sandy. Occasionally the
dog may have tan markings over the eyes, chest, legs and

Bedlington Terriers underwent selective breeding for a more
affectionate and companionable temperament than they had in
the breed's beginnings. Today they get along great with
children and are wary but friendly towards strangers. Like
other terriers, these are headstrong, lively and loyal dogs
that need to grow up with other animals in order to be
friendly with them.

If you do have another dog it is best to watch them closely
to be sure that they get along. Although the Bedlington
Terrier may not look like a threat, they are terrifying
fighters that do not give an inch when they believe
themselves to be challenged.

This breed does have a problem with obsessive barking if it
is not kept in check and they like to dig. This dog need
exercise and would be better off in a house with a yard to
dig around in and play in.

A Bedlington Terrier should never be let off of its lead in
an unfenced area, as they are fast and like to chase. Most
dogs, including this breed, need mental and physical
exercise and good strong pack leadership from the human
owner in order to be comfortable and happy.

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