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Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a heavy, sturdy dog with a
beautiful tri-color, weather-resistant double coat. The coat
is black and has symmetrical markings of white and rust.
They also have white markings on the toes and head, a white
blaze on the chest, rust colored markings above the eyes,
cheeks, sides of the chest, on each leg and under the tail.
The coat can be straight or wavy and is moderately long.

The dog has slight furrow in its broad head. They have ears
that are triangular, medium sized and pendant. Their eyes
should have a gentle expression and the nose should be
black. The teeth should come together in a scissors bite.

Bernese Mountain Dogs of both genders should have a compact
wide body and a broad and deep chest. The tail is bushy and
long and should be carried low and straight. A slight upward
curve is allowed when the dog is alert. The dewclaws should
all be removed.

The male dog can reach an average height of twenty-four to
twenty-eight inches (sixty-one to seventy-one centimeters)
and weigh eighty-five to one hundred and ten pounds (thirty-
eight and one half to nearly fifty kilograms).

The female dog can reach an average height of twenty-three
to twenty-seven inches (fifty-eight to sixty-eight and one
half centimeters) and weigh eighty to one hundred and five
pounds (thirty-six to fifty-two kilograms). This is based on
an average healthy height and weight standard for the breed.

One interesting fact about this very large breed is that it
was bred for draft work. It can pull a wagon or a cart if
trained to do so.

Because of his excellent temperament and gentleness the
Bernese Mountain Dog makes a great family companion dog. It
also was bred to work, and has been used in herding,
tracking, guarding, search & rescue, pulling carts, and in
competitive obedience trials.

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