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Lumps, Swellings

Tumors and Cancer

In Pet Birds


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Many Tumors and forms of Cancer are common in Pet Birds.
Birds of any age may be affected.

Tumors are firm tissue growth swellings that may occur on the
body (protruding from the skin), under the skin, or within the

Lumps and swellings may or may not be tumors. Some may
be abscesses, some may come from bites or injuries, some
swellings may even be eggs.

Lumps, swellings and/or tumors can occur anywhere on
the body or inside the body.

If your pet bird does have a lump or swelling and you
are not sure of the cause, please have a check up with
your avian vet immediately.

If your vet determines that the lump or swelling is a
tumor, remember: some tumors are benign (non-fatal) and
some are malignant (cancerous).

How are Tumors Treated?

If a lump is diagnosed as a tumor, surgical removal is
usually recommended. Depending upon the size of the tumor,
and where it's at, surgery can be difficult and obviously
because of the bird's small size a challenge for the surgeon.

The sooner you get your pet bird to a vet after noticing an
abnormality, the better for all concerned.

How Can Cancer and Tumors in a Pet Bird Be Prevented?

Cancer is a degenerative disease usually having factors involving
the lifestyle of a pet bird.

The number one thing a pet bird owner can do is provide the
bird with the best possible nutritional diet and a wide variety
of acceptable foods for the species within that diet.

*  Provide the pet bird with a daily exercise period outside
it's cage. Exercise helps increase oxygen intake. Cancers are
not known to live well in high oxygen environments.

Pure, fresh water is important for the bird. Don't use
tap water, we recommend only steam distilled or reverse
osmosis water. Tap water has chemicals in it and well water
typically has high amounts of mineral. The bird's liver
must detoxify the water before sending it to the cells.

Steam distilled water is already 99.9% pure, so there
is more energy left to be used for other metabolic functions
such as waste removal from the body. Distilled water will help
flush out toxins in the body.

Make sure your pet bird is breathing pure, fresh air. Polluted
air is deadly to a pet bird. Cigarette smoke is proven to be a
cause of cancer, and other air pollutants are either carcinogenic
or suspected carcinogens.

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