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Aggressive & needs to

be in charge of the feeder

the Admirable Blue Jay

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Jays are medium to large, gregarious birds having heavy bills.
Jays includes crows, ravens, and magpies.

Most jays are brightly colored and have crests.

Wings of jays and magpies are short and rounded, reaching only
the base of the long rounded tail. Wings of crows and ravens
are long and rounded, extending nearly to the tail tip.

Their songs are not of quality.

Eggs are colored and speckled.

They tend to be woodland birds, although several species live in

Jays feed on nuts, seeds, small amphibians, insects and other
invertebrates, and sometimes the eggs and young of other birds.

Jays are members of the family of passerine birds

Picture Blue Jay

Jays include:

Black Billed Magpie
Brown Jay
Clark's Nutcracker
Gray Breasted Jay
Gray Jay
Green Jay
Pinyon Jay
Scrub Jay
Steller's Jay
Yellow Billed Magpie

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