Coffee Cups with Charismatic Boxer Dogs

These Boxer Mugs and Coffee Cups
are Not Only Colorful but Decorative,
Mugs that are Fun to start your day off with.

Just imagine how great you'll feel as you sip on your morning
beverage from one of these Boxer Coffee Cups that are
unparalleled in their ability to bring Delight and Pleasure.

Boxer Coffee Cups and Boxer Mugs make just the Ideal gift item
for that special person in your life, or they are just the ticket
to give yourself as a Treat.... just because you are Special!

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Grooming Your Boxer Dog

The Boxer has a short-haired, smooth coat that is very easy
to groom. They have natural oils in their skin that protect
their skin. You should brush the coat with a firm bristle
brush when it seems needed and give the dog a bath only when

It is recommended that a Boxer dog be given a bath every other
week. If you intend to show your Boxer then giving the dog a
bath every week is okay. Baths should be given the night
before an event. Giving this dog too many baths can lead to
dry skin that can get itchy and very irritating to the dog.

Boxers have more problems with skin allergies than a lot of
breeds so using human shampooing products on this dog isn't
advised. You should only use a hypo-allergenic dog shampoo
that is safe to ingest. Be careful that you do use hypo-
allergenic shampoo, as many Boxers are allergic to even dog
shampoos. You can follow the bath up with a hypo-allergenic
dog conditioner that will return some oils to the skin and
prevent excessive drying out of the skin.

Boxers groom themselves like cats, so they are usually very
clean. Be careful to not use toxic flea powders or sprays on
this dog because they will always be ingested. Use a flea
control method that is safe to ingest or get a product that
is made to be ingested to control parasites. The breed sheds
averagely compared to other breeds.

Because this dog has an issue with skin allergies and
allergies in general you shouldn't buy food that has a lot
of corn or preservatives. Generally cheap dog food has corn
as the number one ingredient. Corn and even other grains
usually make allergies and skin conditions worse for a dog.
You should get food that is specially made for dogs that
have grain allergies. This may mean more expensive food for
your dog but you will cut down on veterinarian bills and
pain and suffering of the dog in the long run.

Your Boxer will need regular trimming of its nails. This can
be done at home but you can also take your Boxer to a
professional groomer or a veterinarian to have it done for
you at first if you are not confident about doing it right.

When trimming a dog's nails, cut a little off at a time over
a period of time and avoid cutting the quick. The quick is a
vein that runs down the nail and you can see it if the dogs
nails are white. There are special dog nail trimmers you can
buy at most pet supplies or discount department stores, and
having a styptic pen handy to help clotting if you do cut
the quick is a good idea.

You should brush your Boxer's teeth. In fact every dog
should have their teeth brushed regularly to avoid painful
gum infections. This can be done simply with a toothbrush
designed for dogs and dog toothpaste. The younger you get
the dog and start doing this regularly the more likely they
are to enjoy the activity.

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