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This Adorable stuffed Boxer dog

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Famous Boxer Dogs

There are a lot of famous Boxer dogs out there. Here is a
brief list highlighting a few of them for you:

In the movie "Good Boy" that stars Owen Baker and Liam
Aiken, a Boxer dog plays an alien dog that can talk. There
are many famous actors in this movie including: Matthew
Broderick, Delta Burke, Donald Faison, Cheech Marin,
Brittany Murphy, Vanessa Redgrave, and Carl Reiner. The
talking Boxer dog, Wilson, was given his voice by Donald

Mona! is a famous boxer dog owned by Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Hewitt stars in the TV Show The Ghost Whisperer.

In the movie Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart, the
legendary actor's character had a Boxer dog named Harvey.

A boxer dog by the name of Cashdog is owned by Benji Madden
and Joel Madden of the rock band Good Charlotte. There is
even some speculation that the song "Wondering" was written
for their Boxer.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s dog is a Boxer named Killer. Most
NASCAR fans know about this famous dog.

The proud owner of two Boxer dogs named Buckley and Brennan
is Justin Timberlake, the popular singer.

Here is a list of celebrities that have owned or still own
Boxer dogs: Jodie Foster, Carroll O'Connor, Robin Williams,
George Clooney, Charlton Heston, Sylvester Stallone, Greg
Biffle, Nat King Cole, Lauren Bacall, Shirley MacLaine,
Billie Holiday, Rocky Marciano, Pablo Picasso, Craig
Phillips, Kimmie Meissner, Brandon Prophet and musician

Movies and TV

The Boxer breed certainly has welcomed into Hollywood!

The TV show CSI has its own Boxer dog actor, a dog
named Bruno who plays the character Hank.
On the comedy show, King of Queens, character Doug had a
total of 4 Boxer dogs, Rocky I, II, III and IV.
In the movie Thirteen, a Boxer named Hampton co-starred.
EastEnders, a popular soap opera on BBC regularly aired
shows co-starring Albert, the Boxer dog.
For those video game enthusiasts, the game Rogue Galaxy
has a Boxer/humanoid named Deego Aegis
The movie The 12 Dogs of Christmas highlighted "6 Boxers
Boxing" a takeoff on "6 geese a-laying"

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