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Help your Dog be more Comfortable at the Veterinarian's

Taking your dog to the vet can lead to a lot of anxiety for
both you and your dog. Dogs that fear going to the
Veterinarian's office. They seem to be able to sense when they are
being taken to the vet even if there is no mention of it as
you are putting them in the car. This will often cause them
to get anxious, which can make them uncomfortable, so a
little planning ahead of time can make the trip to the vet
much less stressful for you and your companion.

One of the first anxiety points that can come up with taking
your dog to the vet is that he or she may not be that used
to car rides or may not like them in general. The best way
to remedy this is to take your pet on fun car trips often so
that getting in the car doesn't always lead to a negative
situation. If you are going somewhere that is okay for your
dog to be and it is easy and safe to take your dog along, do
it. If your pet is used to car rides and finds them
enjoyable, as most dogs do, that will end this part of the
stress of a vet visit.

Once you arrive at the veterinarian's office you have a
whole new range of anxiety issues to deal with, the biggest
being other animals and all the glorious animal scents
around for your canine to enjoy. Itís a good idea to show up
with enough time to spare to let your dog wander around the
parking lot for a few minutes to do his business and
checkout his surroundings a little bit. This will make him
more secure and ready to walk in the door.

Once you are inside there may very well be other animals in
the waiting room, including other dogs or cats or even a
more exotic variety of critter. Knowing your dog and the
level of his socialization skills is key to getting through
this part unscathed. If you have a small dog that is more
anxious and fearful you may want to consider carrying the
dog inside close to your chest to make him feel secure, or
if needed, in his carrier.

If you have a bigger dog that might frighten his smaller
friends make sure you keep the leash short and that he is
snugly secured to ensure that you can maintain control of
the situation. Sometimes even the best dogs just don't do
well in the waiting room with other animals and can become
anxious or even aggressive. Pay close attention to your dog
and if at any time you feel it is just becoming too much for
it, ask the staff if you can either have a room if one is
available or if they can call you in from outside when it is
your turn. Taking your dog out of a very stressful situation
is sometimes the best thing you can do.

Once you are inside an examining room, while you are waiting
for the doctor, sit and talk to your pet in a calm even
voice. Getting him into a very relaxed state before the
doctor comes in and starts poking and prodding will make him
feel more secure. But be sure to be calm, if you are anxious
or over-consoling he may pick up on your feelings and become

Once the doctor comes in and puts your pet on the table you
should really take your cues from him and his staff. While
during some parts of the exam it may be fine to hold your
pet or pet him for re-assurance, at other times the staff
may need you to just get out of the way for a few minutes
and let them do their job. You can still continue to sooth
your pet with your voice even if you arenít touching him.

As with anything involving our pets, the key to a
comfortable and anxiety free vet visit is all about
preparation and knowing your individual dogís temperament.
Watch your dog for signs of his feelings and intentions, and
if you see a situation is getting too stressful take a
minute to get him calmed down and then start again.

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