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Daffy Duck and

Looney Tunes


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Talk about Looney....Daffy Duck could easily be the definition of the
word. Besides being Looney, Daffy Duck is just plain daffy.

If it could be drawn, Daffy would do it.

"Shoot me again! I enjoy it! I love the smell of burnt feathers...
and gun powder... and cordite. I'm an elk! Shoot me! Go on!!
It's elk season! I'm a fiddler crab. Why don't you shoot me?!
It's fiddler crab season!"

Getting into trouble, usually with his big mouth or highly over rated opinion
of himself, Daffy would then suffer the consequences of his actions.

"OK, boss, a star is born and that star is me."

"Apparently Bugsy boy doesn't realize that he is up against a superior adversary this time."

"I'm a duck, D-U-K, duck, loaded with talent."

Daffy would bounce all over the screen with his daffiness
providing us with hours of entertainment and laughs.

Daffy would also treat us to lines of verbage that could put
a smile on the hardest of faces.

"Anyone for instant duck? Just add water."

"Hmmm, that's strange. She's got 5 o'clock shadow, and its only 4:30."

"Its fairly obvious that the sneaks snuck back."

"Why that's an outrage. You wait here, I'll fix it,
I'll slap them with a habeaus corpusul"

"Pardon me sir, let me introduce myself. I represent
the Ace Novelty Company of WalaWala Washington, dispensers of
rib-tickling practical jokes for all occasions".

"Good morning, sir. I represent the Hot Foot Casualty
Underwriters Insurance Company of Schenetady."

One of Daffy's main objectives in life was to get rich and live a life
of luxury and he would invariably do anything to make that happen.
Unfortionately for him, Daffy would almost make it, but it never
quite happened.

"You are the key to my luxurious future. Big bucks, that's what I'm into."

"Oh ho boy I'm rich! I'm wealthy! I'm independent! I'm
socially secure! I'm rich! I'm rich!"

"Consequences, schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich."

Daffy was a duck with a lot of hidden talents and most of
those talents would make him look bad while allowing the
other characters to be the hero.

"What a job for a duck with my talents. While others,
with nothing on the ball, get all the breaks."

"Sufferin' sassafrass. I've been sabotaged."

"The nerve of some people. Profitting from other people's miseries."

"What's Humphrey Bogart got that I ain't got?"

Daffy Duck first appearance on film animation was in Tex Avery's
cartoon "Porky's Duck Hunt" but he did not officially receive his
name "Daffy Duck" until his second cartoon appearance in "Daffy
Duck and Egghead" in 1938

Daffy-isms ....Famous Sayings of Daffy Duck

Ha ha ha ha ha ain't that a lu lu.
Whatta ya take me for, a nincom....poop!

I may be a craven little coward, but I'm a greedy craven little coward.
I can't stand pain, it hurts me!
You're deth-picable!

That Cadet buys the worst Christmas presents.
Farewell, my Queen! We will always have Paris...
Well whataya know, she loves me! That's just the advantage I need.
And it hasn't been the same without you. Although it's been eerily similar.

Yahoo! The grand brassiere is back in business, baby!
Did I miss the Great Pumpkin?! Did he leave us any toys?!
Don't blame me - the Martian gets one episode per season.
Maybe if I stare at this piece of paper long enough, people will think I can read.

That's mighty hospitable of ya.
Hasty la vista.
Yes sir, I'm all fat tender duck. Now take this
drumstick for instance, ain't that a beauty?
Shoot 'em now! Shoot 'em now!

That's the last straw. Now I use my secret weapon.
How'd like to meet me in a fair fight..
He'll never catch me in a million years, The dope
Ah there's good new tonight.

Oh no ya don't. Not again. Sorry
Hello, Transoceanic airport, gimme a one way ticket
to the North Pole, please!
Slipping in the bathtub is a very common household mishap.

Little does he realize that I have on my
disintegration proof vest. You may fire when ready grizzly.
Just a par-boiled minute!
Let's go over here and talk private for a minute.

Ah ha! Got the drop on you with my disintegrating
pistol. And brother, when it disintegrates, it disintegrates.
Heh, well, whatta ya know, it disintegrated.
No no no no! Not the wed one, don't ever push the wed one.

Oh, indubitabubbly sir.
Your a great sport, a grrreat sport!
Aren't we gruesome!

I've never been so humiliated in all my life!
Ha ha ha ha oh that's ridiculous, ha ha of all the
stupid suggestions, ha ha ha ha ha!
Brother, whatta way to run a railroad.

Say, some joint ya got here bub. I see ya done pretty
well for yourself. A little lonesome though, I guess. Should have
a companion for the long winter evenings.

Hmmm, this is where this ingenious little black duck
gets himself some free room and board.
Aw shucks, I can't stand to see a dumb animal suffer.
You look like the intellegent high type of customer we cater to.

Whatta party brother! I never had some much fun in my
life! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Listen mac! You've got thirty-two teeth. Would you
like to try for sixteen?
A smashing frontal attack on enemy rear? Hurray!
This'll fix his little red wagon.
You know, I'll bet if he put his mind to it, he could
be positively obnoxious.

Boy, whatta bunch of sore heads.
As I was saying buster, this planet ain't big enough for the two of us so... off ya go!
Now then eager young space cadet, here is the course we shall pursue to find Planet-X.

Make way for Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half century!
Oops! Heh, had the silly thing in reverse.
Well I guess he's had enough. I'll send him an ultimatum.

All aboard! Train leaving on track five for Anaheim,
Azuza and Kookamonga. Step right up.
Well ask me, go ahead, ask me.
Glad to meet ya, chubby.

Don't do anything rash. Stop staring at me with those
little piggy eyes. Let's be civilized about this.
Well, I'm gonna fix that goon's wagon myself.
Hey, whaddya know, he's colder'n a foundered flounder

You're gonna hurt somebody that way. Probably me.
I came to get those solid gold goodies and I aint
leaving without them, on account of I am greedy.
Now just a darn minute, chum. I can take a hint. Some
hospitality. And another thing, you're a slovenly housekeeper.

Oh, you mad, impetuous boy, you.
What a house, what a house. All it needs are hands
coming out of the wall - like those over my head.
I certainly hope you appreciate what I've done for you.

I'll fix the little squirt.
Trouble schmouble, I'll take care of this little joker.
Alright, Junior, come on out of there.
Lucky thing for you I was able to come along, you
seem kind of helpless by yourself

Oohh, the dirty double-crosser.
Why that little creep is nothing but a stoolpigeon.

Well this little black duck comes prepared for just such an emergency.
Tut tut, tut tut, you deserve it.
So that's the way he wants to play, huh?
Well, what do ya think of the Series? Looks like the
market's due for a rise if stocks don't go down.

Now he tells us, sheesh.
Are we to assume that there is anything significant in this attitude of your's?
Oh no you don't. Taking all the soft jobs and
leaving all the tough ones for me to do? I'll do this one.
Oh boy, I could be sent to prison for the scenes I'm going to steal.

Whaddaya mean 'Smile when I say that?' OK, I'm smiling, I'm smiling.
I guess I can take a hint. I guess I know when I'm not wanted.

Belly up to the bar, boys, the drinks are on me.
Oh, you're a scream.
Hmm, let's see now, something amiss here. I'll run
through it. Ho, haha, Guard, Turn, Parry,

See yon rich unwary traveler, I'll rob him of his
gold and give it to some poor, unworthy slob
So, you're gonna be stubborn, huh?
Alright you little stinkers, sink or swim.

There you are my little yellow darling. We'll never
part again. Just you and me forever.
It pains me deeply to think an element of suspicion
has entered our friendship. I consider it a slur....

But we're partners, remember? 50/50? What's mine is
your's and what's your's is mine. You want to be honest, dont' you?
Maybe its just paranoia. All rich people get it.

I gotta pull myself together. I can't crack up just
when I've got it made.
How astonishing, will wonders never cease

Yeech, the way he pampers that flea-bitten apple polisher.
Oh knock it off. How jolly can ya get?
Alright, enough is enough! This is the final, the
very, very last straw!

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