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The Truth On Different Dog Breeds Part 2
Anthony Johnson

The Hunting and Sporting Breeds:

In this category there are two types. You have those dogs
that are used for showing and those that are used
for work or hunting. A favorite dog in many homes
is the Labrador Retriever. This dog was used to hunt.
Most breeders have bred out the working drive of this
breed. If you have a dog from this breed and it's a
fairly hyper dog, you have to realize it's a dog that
is bred to work.

The Hounds:

When this dog is young, it is full of energy. It can
also be a pretty stubborn dog. Now as this dog gets
older, its energy level decreases and will work with
you a little easier if you are a more laid-back

If you feel you don't have the time, or just plain
don't feel like working this breed, you probably shouldn't
own a dog from this breed.

I say this for your own good. Remember, a dog that is
bred to work has a lot of energy. If you can't feel
this desire, your dog will find its own way. This could
mean many repairs to your personal items.

The Toy Breeds:

The two main problems with this breed are that they
are harder to housebreak and they are barkers.
Many owners treat these dogs like small toy dolls
or a small child because of their size. Unfortunately,
the result is that your little bundle of joy shows a
lot of aggression toward you.

Whenever you allow a dog to repeatedly get away
with something, you are training it to believe it can
exhibit certain behaviors and get away with it. This
little dog will end up owning you! If you have a dog
from this breed and have problems, think of how
you treat it and compare that to what I've been
trying to teach you. 

In the next issue, we'll cover some of the most
beautiful dogs in the world such as Akidas, Huskies,
Malamutes and others. We'll discuss why I don't
advise you to own dogs from this breed.

If I haven't covered your breed, don't worry; I will
cover them all within the next issues. Until next
week, have a great week. 

-Anthony Johnson

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Anthony has worked as a technical consultant and dog
handler for the Canine Communications video production
How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Dog House.

Copyright 2004 by Tony Johnson
All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

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