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Dog Training Secrets, what you need to Know

Training your dog can be tricky business, but it doesn't
have to be -- you just need to know which methods are most
likely to work and which aren't. Once you know some of the
secrets of dog training you will likely be quickly on the
road to success.

One thing that is very important in understanding how to
train your dog is that it does not do what you consider bad
behaviors because it is bad or it wants to defy you, but
instead because it is responding to instincts. So you have
to actually repurpose its instincts to be an effective dog

The first big secret in training a dog effectively is to use
positive reinforcement. The key is not to punish the dog for
wrong behaviors but instead reward it when it does the
behaviors you want. Dogs instinctively want to please, so
with positive reinforcement you are building the dog's trust
in you and reinforcing the lessons by taking advantage of
the dog's instincts to obey the leader and cooperate with
the pack. You become its leader and pack combined.

There are many various types of dog training you can use to
deal with different types of behavior. It is important to be
using the right kind of training for the behavior you are
trying to correct, so some study before training is advised.

There are very many dog training resources available to you
both in books, online or talking to experts. When you are
checking out a resource it is helpful to get recommendations
from people who have effectively trained their dogs. A good
professional dog trainer who is familiar with your breed can
give you invaluable help and advice.

Another dog training secret that is very important is
consistency. If you are training your dog to obey you
consistently, you must also be consistent. If you enforce a
rule about a particular behavior one day but are busy and
ignore the same wrong behavior the next day you are not
going to get anywhere. So plan ahead. Know what you have to
do to help your dog learn, and do it consistently for the
best results.

So while the methods you can use for dog training are many,
the basics never change. Come up with a solid and proven
plan on how you are going to approach training, keep it
positive for your dog and be consistent until the behavior
becomes instinct and choice on the dog's part.

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