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The right way to

Feed an

Abandoned Kitten

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Correct feeding of Orphaned Kittens
By: Alfred

When feeding an orphaned kitten you can use a simple eyedropper
or a nursing bottle that you can get from your local
veterinarian. If you are using an eyedropper be careful that
you do not overfeed the kitten or force-feed the kitten. You
should let the kitten suckle at the end of the eyedropper at
its own pace. You can accidentally drown your kitten or give
it a case of pneumonia from filling the kitten's lungs with
fluid if you force-feed it.

If the kitten can suckle the nursing bottle this is the best
method for feeding the kitten. There are companies that make
special kitten nursers that are designed to keep air bubbles
out of the kitten's tummy. You should sterilize all utensils
before feeding a kitten so as not to introduce bacteria to
the kitten in its food.

When you are feeding the kitten you should place a towel or
textured surface that the kitten can cling to across your
lap. Open the kitten's mouth with the tip of your finger
gently and slip the nipple into the kitten's mouth. This
will take a little practice and patience. Do not get
discouraged and do not force feed the kitten. Hold the
bottle or eyedropper at a forty-five degree angle to prevent
air bubbles from getting into the kitten's stomach.

Keep the bottle pulled slightly away from the kitten to
encourage vigorous suckling. This not only strengthens the
jaws but you can be sure that the kitten is satisfied when
it is no longer seeking after the bottle or eyedropper and
is disinterested. If the kitten is not strong enough to
suckle seek a veterinarian's assistance as soon as possible.

If a kitten accidentally aspirates and starts choking on the
fluid that leaked into its lungs, immediately take the
kitten hold it upside down until the choking stops. The
kitten is not a baby and patting it on the back will not

The formula you are feeding the kitten needs to be warmed to
body temperature and fed to the kittens every three to four
hours. As they get older the time will naturally extend and
they will eat more per feeding every six to eight hours.

Instructions should be on the kitten milk package for the
recommended feeding schedule and amounts to be fed per
feeding. A kitten needs around eight ccs of formula per
ounce of body weight per day. The age of the kitten
determines the number of feedings that the kitten should

When a kitten has had enough formula milk bubbles will from
around its mouth and the kitten's stomach will be slightly
rounded. To burp a kitten hold it against your shoulder and
gently pat or rub the kitten's back until it burps. Never
overfeed kittens because this can cause diarrhea and other
health problems.

See "Feeding Guide for Orphaned Kittens" for a detailed
feeding plan.

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