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How to Pick

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your Children

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There are many experts with various views, but several points can
be generally agreed upon when choosing a dog for your family.

How to choose a Good Pet Dog for Children

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and get your
kids that dog they have been dying for. Picking the right
dog for your children is very important to make sure both
the dog and kids are in a safe environment together.

It is very important that you choose a dog that likes and is
very patient with children. Children tend to move quickly
and sometimes are loud and rough, and some more nervous or
protective breeds of dogs are less likely to be patient with
children. And of course, individual dogs within a breed may
not like children. If you are dealing with a shelter dog it
may have had a bad experience with kids. Small dogs and
puppies may not be a good choice for households with smaller
children since children may not always have the gentlest

So, rule number one is to make sure that the dog you are
bringing home generally likes children. If you are looking
at a specific breed, do your homework to make sure that is a
breed that is recommended for families with children. If you
are looking at a shelter dog find out the history of the dog
and its score on the shelter's temperament test.

If possible before you bring a dog home you should have a
meet and greet session with your children and the dog to see
how they interact together. As you check the dog out at the
breeder or at the shelter, and even after the dog has come
home with you, in addition to watching your children to make
sure they are safe with the dog you also have to make sure
the dog is safe with your children.

Once you bring the dog home you should always be present
when the dog is with your children to make sure the
interaction is safe for both. If children or adults play
rough with the dog they have a better chance of being bitten
so it is very important to curb this behavior quickly.

You also can never let the dog growl at your children or
give an indication that it has a higher rank in the pack
than they do. If you are careful about your selection and
pay attention to training both the dog and your family, you
will create a bond between your children and your new dog
that can never be broken.

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