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Train your Dog yourself or Hire a Professional Dog Trainer?

The question you must answer with your new dog is,
are you going to do it yourself or are you going to hire
a professional dog trainer?

There are benefits and drawbacks to either choice so you
have to weigh those and see what makes sense for you and
your individual dog. The biggest benefit to training your
dog yourself is that it will strengthen the bond between
your dog and you and it will learn to respect the fact that
you are in charge.

On the other hand, the biggest benefit of hiring a dog trainer
is that you don't have to learn anything. A professional dog
trainer knows all the best tips and tricks to get your dog
into shape. Using a trainer can also be helpful if you time
is limited.

If you are thinking you want to do dog training yourself but
have no idea where to start, don't worry. There are very
many resources available to you online, at the library and
even in dog training videos. So if you decide you want to do
it yourself the resources are available.

If you decide to use a professional dog trainer you should
still try to be involved in the training. The important
thing is that after training your dog will obey you and not
just the trainer. Discuss this with your trainer up front to
make sure the process includes you.

If you decide to do training yourself you will find that it
is a very rewarding experience. It will allow you and your
dog to spend quality time together that builds lifelong bond
between the two of you.

If you decide to hire a professional dog trainer that is
okay too, just stay involved in the process. Work with a
trainer who sees the value in your being involved and you
and your dog will get through training just fine.

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