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Scientific research

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Dogs Think

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Ever wonder what goes through that doggies mind?
Find out the thoughts that dogs have.

By: Tippy

When we think about what may possibly be going on in our
dog's head we of course imagine our dog's thoughts
verbally. This is because more often than not humans
cogitate verbally.

In fact, scientists say that dogs think with imagery rather
than with specific "word thoughts". They then use body
language to try to provoke in you the human the response
that they are imagining.

For instance, when it is nearing time for dinner your dog
may wag its tail and look at you expectantly in order to get
the point across that it wants the picture in its mind that
is what you refer to as "dinner".

Just because dogs do not communicate verbally doesn't make
them unintelligent. There have been studies done that show
that dogs think by using sensory impressions, meaning
visual, sound, odor, and etcetera.

This doesn't mean that your dog will replay in its mind all
day essentially a movie of sorts. But it does suggest that,
like humans, they associate certain sounds, odors and
visuals with objects and they can bring up memories in their
minds of certain sounds, odors and visuals.

This was first researched and suggested by a Russian
scientist by the name of Rusinov who studied the
electrophysiology of the brain and tested it on dogs. He had
the dogs perform tasks and studied their actions and body
language as they did so.

On a particular day the lab had a group of visitors come in
and one of the dogs exhibited brain patterns that were
similar to those it exhibited when working, meaning that the
dog may have been remembering something about the visitors
or about the arrival of strangers.

A Polish scientist by the name of Jerzi Konorski taught dogs
to expect food and to salivate when a light flickered. After
a few times of this, he observed that the dogs would start
to salivate when they looked at the trays, rather than when
the light was flickering, suggesting that the dogs were
remembering the stimulus of the light flickering and the
food that resulted.

Dogs are generally very smart creatures, but they are levels
of intelligence between individual dogs just like in humans.
There are very intelligent dogs and some that are not. But
they all seem to think and communicate in the same manner.
So when you think of your dog thinking, imagine a picture
with associated sounds, visuals and odors and you will be
able to more appreciate how your dog thinks.
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