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Iago the colorful

talking parrot in

Disney's Aladdin.

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Iago the Parrot

Iago in Aladdin

In Aladdin, Iago and his advisor the evil royal Jafar, capture
Aladdin and his sidekick in order to make them steal the magic
lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Trapped underground, the Genie
of the Lamp uses his powers to free Aladdin them and turn him
into a prince for his Princess.

Iago later redeems for his evil ways in the movie sequels and
television series.

Iago in Return of Jafar

The Return of Jafar is really a story about Iago and his
relationship with Aladdin and Jafar. It is Iago that first makes
the choice to abandon Jafar and his evil ways in the beginning
of the film.

In the middle of the movie, Jafar returns to Agrabah and uses
Iago in his plans for revenge. While Iago is immobilized with fear at
first, only he can stop Jafar from taking over the world.

The lamp containing the former vizier Jafar is found in the
desert by the thief Abys Mal. Jafar now has the powers of a genie
and promises Abys Mal three wishes if he will release him.

Freed, Jafar sets about planning revenge against Aladdin and sends
Iago to trick him. Iago succeeds in fooling Aladdin into
believing that he has reformed and Aladdin cautiously takes him
back to the palace.

Iago is voiced in both film and TV series by Gilbert Gottfried.

Iago the fictional character in Shakespeare's Othello.

Iago, one of Othello's best friends, spends most of the play attempting
to bring about Othello's downfall out of jealousy. He eventually
does destroy Othello's reputation (which leads the Moor to kill
himself), but sets the stage to his own doom when his wife
Emilia reveals the whole of his plot. At the end of the play Iago
is ordered imprisoned and executed by Cassio, Othello's chief

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