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Keeping Children

Safe around Dogs

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Safety Tips for when Children and Dogs play together.

Children will make lifelong friends with dogs. They love
them. They love to pet them and play with them and dress
them up. They get excited by the idea of throwing a ball
with a dog or even just taking it for a simple walk.

These relationships between dogs and children are great, but
it is very important that you understand the safety issues
that can arise when kids play with dogs. You must train both
your children and your dog on what is appropriate play and
interaction between them.

Teach your children safety tips about dogs, just as you
would fires, strangers or crossing the street. Your kids
should also understand there is a difference between the
rules with your own personal dog that they know and that
knows them and strange dogs they may encounter in other

Both your children and your dog must understand that rough
play is not allowed. Kids do not realize how rough they are
playing sometimes and your dog may have the same issues. Set
boundaries clearly up front on what type of play is
acceptable and supervise and make sure that both children
and dogs stick to them.

Your children also need to understand your individual dog's
temperament and basic dog instincts such as that it is never
a good idea to bother a dog when it is sleeping or eating,
and that any dog may snap instinctively when injured or

Make sure your children never taunt or tease the dog. Not
only is this cruel behavior but it can lead to them being
bitten by the dog who may feel it needs to defend itself.
You cannot blame a dog for biting if it is being tormented,
dogs are living beings, not toys, so you have to make sure
the situation does not arise in the first place.

If you follow these simple safety rules your child and your
dog can have a fun relationship that is very rewarding for
both of them. Owning a dog builds self-esteem and kindness
into children. They will no doubt build a bond that will
last a lifetime.

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