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Mac the Blue & Gold

Parrot Starring in

the Real Macaw

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Mac in the movie, the Real Macaw

Mac, a Blue and Gold Macaw owned by pirates watches as
they bury a treasure chest somewhere on a South Sea island.

150 years later, we find Mac is now owned by elderly
bird collector Ben Girdis. Ben runs into a streak of
bad luck and racks up a pile of bills which unfortunately
he cannot pay.

Ben's son, Rick wants to sell Ben's house and his pet Mac
to pay off the debts.

Ben's grandson Sam, (Rick's son) wants to save Ben's home,
and in the meantime discovers that Mac can speak. Mac
tells Sam of the buried treasure which will surely pay off
Ben's bills.

After Mac proposes a search for the buried treasure, Sam,
the bird, and anthropologist Lance Hagen secretly set off
in search of the buried treasure only to find that a
luxury hotel has been erected directly over the treasure.

With the island's authorities breathing down their necks,
avoiding hotel staffers and the entire Girdis clan heading
their way to take them back home, Mac and Sam find some
real adventure and Sam's dad finds some real family values.

Mac is actually played by 4 different parrots Tango, Chico,
Harpo and Groucho.

The Real Macaw


Jamie Croft .... Sam Girdis
Deborra-Lee Furness .... Beth Girdis
Joe Petruzzi .... Rick Girdis
John Waters .... Dr. Lance Hagen
Jason Robards .... Grandpa Ben Girdis
Gerry Connolly .... Lou Rickets
Robert Coleby .... Mr. St. John
Petra Jared .... Kathy Girdis
Nathan Kotzur .... Scarlatta
Kevin Hides .... Businessman on Plane
Penny Everingham .... Nurse Gimlet
Murray Shoring .... Dr. Thompson
John Goodman .... Voice of Mac (voice)
Daniel Murphy .... Pet Store Owner
Anna-Maria La Spina .... Museum Receptionist

Runtime: 91 min

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