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How you can

Help your Pets

Live Longer


Your Pets are an Important part of your Family,
here's how you can Help them Live the longest
and happiest life possible

Our Pets give us so much Unconditional Love,

Companionship and Fun Times.....

They Deserve to have the finest

What would your life be like if one of your precious
friends became ill or, God forbid, passed on.

Our Pets are Family members and when they aren't feeling well,
we all hurt. One of the hardest things we have to do is
deal with sickness of a family member or death.

Our mission in life is to help as many Pets as possible

Live the Healthiest and Longest life they can

Renowned veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks believes that
pets can and should live from 25 to 30 years. But sadly
many of them are becoming sick and even dying many
years earlier than they should.

Dr. Bicks firmly believes that the Number One thing
You can do to help your Precious dog or cat live
the Longest and healthiest life they can is....

Provide them with the Best Nutrition Possible.

It really just makes good sense when you stop and think about it.
After all, we are what we eat. Pets are no different.

No one believes that eating a diet of potato chips,
ice cream and soda pop will provide us with the nutrition
we need to maintain excellent health in our bodies

Neither will feeding your dog or cat a diet that does not
provide them with excellent nutrition give your pet the best
chance at a long and healthy life.

That's why Dr. Bicks spent years of her life formulating the
Absolute Best Nutritional products she that
your furry friend can live Healthier and as Long as possible.

If that makes good sense, and if you would like
to give your friend the best chance you possibly can
at health and well being.....

We invite you to take a closer look at these Exceptional products.

Dr. Bicks has a wonderful variety of products for
the better health of your pet. These include: Premium dog food,
Premium cat food, scrumptious and healthy treats for
dogs, low fat treats for dogs, Gourmet treats for cats
which are also good for hairballs, supplements for
arthritic and joint problems, solutions for overweight dogs,
answers for skin and coat problems in dogs and cats,
plus some wonderful gift baskets for dogs and cats.

See all of Dr. Bick's products Here

How you can Relieve Stress in your Pets

Natural Immune System Booster for Pets

Eliminate Dog & Cat Bad Breath

Dental Solutions for your Pet

We really want for your pet to provide you with as much Joy
and Happiness as they can for as long as possible. There are
tons of products out there that we could tell you about.

But the products listed above are what we have found and
use on a regular basis to help keep our pets Healthy & Happy.

Your friends,
Dave and Karl Cole,
and of course.... Tippy & Alfred & all the Pets here.

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