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Installing a Really Cool

Door for Dogs to

come in and go out.

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Some days it seems like your dog or cat seems to be
interested in going in and out the door no less than one
hundred times. It may just be especially hyper or being
tormented through the window by one of those pesky
squirrels, but whatever the reason it just want to get out
there over and over.

If you are one of the people smart enough to have a pet door
your furry friend can come in and go out at its leisure
without your having to open the door repeatedly. Installing
a pet door is easy to do and you can usually find one of the
right size at a hardware store or a pet supply store.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing
a pet door. First you need to think about the area in which
you live and what other animals could come in and out the
pet door. Some pet doors are really simple and just have an
opening that any furry creature can get through. Then there
are more high tech versions that open when your dog or cat
and the receiver on its collar get nearby.

If you live in an area that has a lot of wildlife you may
want to consider the latter. You don't want to come home to
find a raccoon, possum or squirrels running around your
living room or snacking in your kitchen on the food they
have pulled from the cabinets.

Some people also choose to put the dog door on the door to
an enclosed porch as opposed to a house door so that visits
to the yard can be supervised. This still means you have to
let the animal outside, but it allows it to move back and
forth from inside to the porch at its leisure.

Once you have decided on the type of door you want you can
install it yourself if you are handy and have the right
tools available. If you don't think it is a project you want
to do on your own any handyman or carpenter should be able
to complete the project for you in no time.

Having a pet door is very convenient. It means your dog or
cat can go where it wants when it wants without your having
to stop what you are doing and let it out. But, if you plan
to install a pet door for your dog you should be sure that
the yard your pet can go out into is secure. You should
never install a pet door on any door that does not lead to
an outside fenced in area for your dog's safety.

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