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The likelihood of your house being broken
into is three times less with a monitored alarm system

Pet owners, however, can face unique challenges when
installing an alarm system. Pets can manage to trip the
motion sensors on your alarm and cause your alarm to
unnecessarily go off, which can cost you money with false
alarm fees.

Many companies now take into consideration that a family
will have pets and offer special motion sensors that are
pet-friendly. If you are installing a new alarm you should
let the company know ahead of time about any pets so you are
sure to get a pet friendly security system.

There are a few ways security companies can work around your
pets. The most important way is motion sensor placement. The
one distinct difference between pets and burglars is height.
If your pets primarily just walks from room to room or lies
around on the floor, the simplest fix is having the motion
detectors placed so they don't detect anything that low, but
instead are responding to movement of things taller than
your pet.

If your cat or dog jumps from place to place while you are
gone, such as onto counters, desks or other higher objects
it can get a little trickier. There are other types of
monitors that are check for movement by larger objects and
would discount your cat based on its overall size.

There are many options available and different alarm
companies offer different kinds of pet-friendly security
systems. So shop around and have them come out and give them
an idea of what your pet does throughout the day so they can
offer you the best customized solution.

Most alarm systems will also offer testing options so you
can be sure that once your alarm is enabled for the first
time your pet will not be a problem. Making sure the
security system you are installing is going to work with
your pet is a must. False alarms can get very expensive and
more importantly use resources that could be out helping
someone who truly is in need.

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